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A BOLA - "Benfica will have to prove on the field that they are superior to us" (Gil Vicente)

A BOLA – “Benfica will have to prove on the field that they are superior to us” (Gil Vicente)

Ricardo Soares, coach of Gil Vicente, on Friday presented a bid for the match against Benfica, from the third round (18 hours).

What to expect from Benfica: «A very excited team, as a result of the recent results, who spin the ball well, press hard, but the most important thing is what we control and work on. We have a specific playing process, Benfica will have to prove on the field that they are superior to us. If the day is not good, you may encounter difficulties.”

“For me, our way of being is important, we don’t compromise our DNA. Gil Vicente will be competitive with a very high intensity, that’s what I want from my players, who are going to the match to show what they showed in training on a daily basis. We are also a dynamic and ambitious team that wants to show their quality in the match tomorrow.”

The third line in defense: “Everything is measured, we’re going to play the game with the strategy we think is best for scoring, but we want to make a nice game that gets people in their seats. Without getting too carried away by our game process, let’s get into what the game is asking for. Any mistake is immediately exploited, and we also want to take advantage of a mistake or another mistake made by the opponent.”

Reinforcements: “From the first day we solve things in a simple way: with conversation and respect, decisions are made together, strictly on budget. I am satisfied with the lineup I have, but the management knows what I need. I do not waste time on unnecessary things, I work – these They are the things that I have, these are the things that I have to monetize and improve.”

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