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A BOLA - Benfica wins and approaches the second stage of the European Cup (Basketball)

A BOLA – Benfica wins and approaches the second stage of the European Cup (Basketball)

Benfica was defeating the Netherlands against champions Den Bosch 78-76, in the European Basketball Cup Group C match, and is now closer to the second stage.

The Dutch won in Luz, but this time the victory smiled to the Eagles, two seconds before a two-point throw from Aaron Broussard.

With this victory, Benfica overtook the champion Den Bosch in the standings, the leader of the group, with seven points, one point ahead of the Dutch champion Den Bosch.

As for the match, the Dutch playing at home started better, and were winning 5-0, but Benfica quickly balanced and reached the end of the first half with three points behind champions Den Bosch, who was winning 19-16. In the second half, Benfica continued to recover and went to the first half, with a score of 47-38.

In the second half, the Eagles reached the end of the third game with a 63-52 victory (11 points advanced, a difference of 16) and in the last and decisive period, the Dutch shortened the distances with a portion of 24-15, after they managed to equalize twice (74-74 and 76- 76), but Aaron Broussard, the game’s top scorer with 21 points, will close the balance in favor of the Portuguese team.

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