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A BOLA - Bracarenses and defeat at Luz: «This result hurts us» (SC Braga)

A BOLA – Bracarenses and defeat at Luz: «This result hurts us» (SC Braga)

The last round of the league was marked by Benfica’s defeat of SC Braga (6-1) at the Estadio da Luz. Through the weekly newsletter, the Minho logo left a report on this result.

“Frustrated, disappointed and disappointed. The defeat at Estádio da Luz beat us. Not with our players. Not because of the level of ambition we show, but because of the fact that we haven’t been able to counter the rise that the opponent has had on our team. It is difficult to absorb all the defeats, but this result hurts us. In spite of everything, we can guarantee one thing: we got into an accident, but we really get up. Because the character of a large group of professionals like us emerges in times of extreme adversity. The concept of family that we display will always be the key to restoring our DNA. We will analyze everything that happened, learn from our mistakes, and come back stronger. Drop and get up. Winning, that is the only thing that matters now,” it can be read, with a guarantee: “There is no room for doubt: this defeat will benefit the memory of the future, but it is already part of the past. We are on our feet and ready to act.”

Finally, Braga left word to Nuno Sequera that he will not play again this season.

“Words of comfort and strength for Nuno Sequeira, who is facing an extended hiatus due to injury. He concluded by saying that it is just another obstacle that we will overcome together.

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