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A BOLA - Call for the National Team with Three Returns (Volleyball)

A BOLA – Call for the National Team with Three Returns (Volleyball)

On Saturday, Hugo Silva released the list of players called up to participate in the Euro 2021 qualifiers. The highlight is the return of Hugo Gaspar, Andre Lopez and Evo Casas.

See the full list:

Dealers – Agents: Miguel Rodriguez (Cupram Lupine / Poland) and Thiago Violas (Benfica);

Power plants: Phelipe Martins (Leixões), Filip Cveticanin (Espinho) and Gerson Gomes Pereira (Martigues VB / France);

Zones 4: Alexandre Ferreira (Seoul Warri Card Whippy VB / South Korea), Lawrenco Martins (Torkueng / France), Sebastiao Liao (Academica Sao Mamede), Andre Marquez (Castillo da Maya) and Andre Lopez (Benfica);

Adversaries: Hugo Gaspar (Benfica), Marco Ferreira (Al Jazeera / United Arab Emirates).

Liberians: Evo Casas (Benfica) and Joao Vidalgo (Sporting).

It is reported that the selection will face Norway, Belarus and Hungary in Group G in two tournaments. The first takes place from 7 to 9 May in Budapest, and the second from 14 to 16 in Matosinhos. The winners from the seven qualified groups win a ticket to the European Championship, in addition to the top five for second place. Poland, the Czech Republic, Estonia and Finland have already been qualified as organizers.

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