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A BOLA - Champions League: Benfica end the main round with an old defeat (futsal)

A BOLA – Champions League: Benfica end the main round with an old defeat (futsal)

Benfica won the third and final game of Group A of the Champions League main round, with an old loss: 10-1. Lucenec (Slovakia) is a team that absolutely does not have the same resources as the red team, and the end result is a mirror of the difference between the two teams. Ivan Chichkala (2), Romulo, Nelson, Jacari, Robinho, Vets, Bruno Sintra, Sylvester Ferreira and Afonso Jesus scored the Eagles’ goals, and Peter Serpin scored the honor’s goal for the Slovak emblem. With nine points from as many as possible, Benfica has won this qualifying stage and, as such, will have the seeded spot in the Elite Tour draw, scheduled for 1pm next Wednesday. It should be noted, by the way, that this Elite Tour is the last step before the last four, between November 30 and December 5.

end of the matchLucenic 1 Benfica 10.

38th minute: Benfica goal! The help from Romulo and Afonso Jesus, at the end of the goal, skillfully transformed into 1-10.

37 minutes: Benfica goal! Sylvester Ferreira takes advantage of the fact that Lucinek is without a goalkeeper in goal, after losing the ball in the offensive process, to shoot for 1-9.

36 minutes: Benfica goal! With the help of Fits and Ivan Chishkala, also through a cross shot, he makes 1-8.

35 minutes: Benfica goal! Bruno Sintra, with a mid-range shot, increases to 1-7.

33rd minute: Raphael Henmi, after a great single move, a powerful left-footed shot, scooped Lucinek’s excellent defense through Kusnir.

After the first half of the complementary stage, Benfica had a win practically guaranteed. The men of Pulpis beat Lucenec, 6-1, but, in addition, they completely control the match. It is clear that the Slovaks, despite their asceticism, are a team of lower rank than the Eagles.

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30 minutes: Lucinek’s goal! Peter Serbin, excellent spinning, has a powerful shot and doesn’t give André Sousa a chance to defend himself. 1-6.

29th minute: Al-Tibi, with a powerful left-footed shot from the middle of the range, fired directly at the right post of Kosnir.

28th minute: A cross from Bruno Sintra, to the left post of Lucinek’s goal.

23 minutes: Benfica goal! Robinho and Vetts’ pass, with a placed shot, increases to 0-6.

21 minutes: Benfica goal! Cusner’s defense was blocked by Silvestre Ferreira, but Robinho at the far post takes advantage of the rebound and tilts towards goal. 0-5.

The beginning of the second part.

Benfica confirms all the theoretical favoritism indicated at the start of the third round of the first group of the Champions League main round, and in this sense, they reach the end of the first 20 minutes with a difference of four goals. . Evan Chichkala, Romulo, Nelson and Jakari were the authors of the Eagles goals, which we must remember that they have already taken first place in this group and qualify for the elite role (between November 30 and December 5), where they will be chiefs by class.

break. 0-4.

20 minutes: Pulbis, the Benfica coach, asked for a technical break. Exactly 52 seconds left in the first half and Benfica will win easily.

19th minute: Benfica goal! A pass from Afonso Jesus and Jacari, in great detail, hit the ball over Kosnir and already put the mark with the defeat numbers. 0-4.

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16 minutes: Benfica goal! Rafael Henmi’s shot for Cusner’s defense, but Nelson, when reloading, does not forgive and only increases the row. 0-3.

16 min: The timeout requested by Russia’s Marianne Berkey, Lucinek’s coach.

16 minutes: Benfica goal! The right corner of Rafael Henmi and Romulo’s shot from a distance for another goal from the Reds. 0-2.

13th minute: A cross from Romulo, the ball deflected from Grecic and almost betrayed Kosnir. The Slovak national team goalkeeper overcomes the immobility of his movement and flies to prevent the ball from entering his goal.

12 min: Marsilio, who went deep, tries to clear the ball away from Andre Sousa, but Nelson, in an excellent defensive recovery, controls the trajectory of the ball, which, however, was not going towards the goal.

11 minutes: Robinho and Nelson’s right corner, in the far corner, takes the deflection, but the ball hit Lucenec’s goal post. He was the second of the two incarnates of opinion.

We’re halfway through the first half and Benfica narrowly wins thanks to Ivan Chichkala’s goal just a moment ago. Pulpis’ men dominated the match despite some serious counterattacks from the Slovak side.

9 minutes: Benfica goal! A throw-in by Nelson, the amazing Cousner misses, and Evan Chichkala’s shot into the empty goal and opens the net. 0-1.

8 minutes: Lucenec’s dangerous counterattack and Bruno Petterson’s shot for André Sousa’s precise defense.

5 minutes: Al-Tibi tries his luck with a shot inside the area, but the ball goes to the left side of the Kosner goal.

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4 min: Grcic’s long shot to save André Sousa.

2 minutes: Ivan Chichkala’s shot hits the post. Great first chance goal in the match for Benfica.

start of the match.

The first five:

Benfica: Andre Souza, Sylvester Ferreira, Afonso Jesus, Ivan Chichkala and Vets.

Lucinic: Cosner, Martins, Gennario, Bruno Peterson and Marcelo.

the reviewer: Traian Inchev (Bulgaria) and Norbert Zelaghy (Hungary)

In addition to already stamping the passport to the Elite Tour – where there will be 16 teams and their draw is scheduled at 1pm on November 1 – Benfica also took first place in this first group. Series heads in the Elite Tour mentioned above.

The meeting will take place at the Sportová hala Arena, exactly in the place of Lucenec (Slovakia), the stage that hosted this first group of the main tour.

Follow here, at A BOLA online, all the action of the match.

He will face Benfica Lucinek, at 4 pm, in a match of the third and final round of Group A of the main round of the Futsal Champions League. The Reds won their first two matches (2-1 against Halle Gooik and 5-1 against Ekaterinburg), which is why they are already eligible for the Elite Tour.

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