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A BOLA Confirmation - Jorge Jesus as Ambassador (Video) (E. Amadora)

A BOLA Confirmation – Jorge Jesus as Ambassador (Video) (E. Amadora)

As announced on the A BOLA website last Saturday, Jorge Jesus has been confirmed to be one of Estrela da Amadora’s ambassadors.

The Benfica coach, who in addition to being a native of Amadora, represented the tricolor as a player and also as a coach, joined the project launched by the head of SAD for star players, Andre Geralds, with whom he is, moreover, an old friend.

In fact, Jesus is part of the ambassadors team created by the club – in the first stage, Abel Xavier, Gaucho, Jorge Andrade and Jose Calado were introduced – and in this second stage, in addition to the experienced coach, also Carlos Chino, Daniel Kennedy and Rebelo (characters Another legend in Estrella’s history) guaranteed.

The strategy of this team of ambassadors aims to bring past glories closer to the current reality of the club, and to establish a sports advisory board for this purpose, which will be in continuous cooperation with Andre Geralds. In addition, this initiative also aims to promote Estrela da Amadora, in Portugal and abroad, both in terms of club promotion, as well as in marketing and socially responsible activities.

All this comes at a very positive time in the season for the Tricolores, who, remember, are in the best stage of 2021/2022: three wins in a row, which happened for the first time this season, and he scored assists in La Liga. 2, was defeated on Sunday, at the reception of the Académico de Viseu (3117 spectators), the result of which resulted in a 4-0 victory over Estrela.

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The demand implemented by SAD headed by André Geraldes has paid off at the club – the tricolor returned to professional competitions this year – but those responsible for the Reboleira logo don’t want to stop there. On and off the field, the goal is to further strengthen Estrella da Amadora so that, in the near future, the club can return to the elite in national football. And maybe international. As happened three decades ago, the Cup Winners’ Cup is now extinct. In this ensemble, among others, Abel Xavier and Rebelo, two of the newest star ambassadors, gave a speech.

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