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A BOLA - Daniel Bragança's renewal in progress (Sporting)

A BOLA – Daniel Bragança’s renewal in progress (Sporting)

The first game in the starting lineup this season, on Saturday against Arauca (2-1), he committed himself to the Sporting midfield, focusing on passing accuracy, and renewal is underway. Daniel Bragança, 22, has a contract until June 2024 and A BOLA learns that there are already talks about a contract extension and of course also about a corresponding salary increase.

Ballinha and Matthews Nunes were owners and two masters of the Sporting midfielder, and Daniel Braganca, even reaping chances, only started on Saturday for the first time this season – at a time when he has missed six times in 21 games. Ruben Amorim indicated that the aforementioned error was Balinha and Matthews mentioned, at an excellent level, but this time, with the rise of the Brazilian Portuguese on the field, a space opened in the middle for the 68 shirt, who seized the opportunity.

This ownership, which emerged at the seventh meeting in which he participated in 2021/2022, also appears at a time when there were already talks with a view to renewing the contract, for at least another year, until June 2025, when relations were established. of players who signed new contracts in the past year, or even 2026, holding the green and white players for five seasons. Currently, at one of the lowest salary levels for Sporting management, Bragança will have to rise to an intermediary position, as is the termination clause, from the current €45m to €60m, the value of the table for midfielders and advanced players on the team.

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