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A BOLA - Directivo Ultras XXI reveals an encounter with the direction of Frederico Varandas (Sporting)

A BOLA – Directivo Ultras XXI reveals an encounter with the direction of Frederico Varandas (Sporting)

Through a statement, Directivo Ultras XXI, supporters of Sporting, revealed a meeting with those responsible for Leo. The leadership led by Federico Varandas is reported to have come into conflict with organized fan groups, but is now promoting rapprochement.

In the memo issued on Saturday, the Ultras XXI manager explained that the meeting took place on May 31 in Estádio de Alvalade and was attended by members of the cheerleading team and a supportive liaison who was representing the club. At that meeting, the possibility of placing all groups of organized supporters in the designated fan card area, in the lower south stand, was discussed.

See the full statement:

Associação DIRECTIVO ULTRAS XXI informs its partners and the general public of the following:

1) As it is known to the public, from the beginning this association has taken a direct stance against the legal mechanism of the “Adept’s Card” and the measures taken to create and implement it in Portugal, in particular the construction of sports stadiums called “Zones”. with special conditions of access and perpetuation of adherents” (ZCEAPs), which are nothing more than dividing and discriminatory zones where, in complete defiance of the fundamental rights enshrined in the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, they are intended to classify and discriminate against supporters, who are also citizens, in
Depending on how they intend to support the teams that represent the club of their choice;

2) Still in the midst of the public debate, and in response to the challenge then launched by the Committee on Culture, Communication, Youth and Sports of the Assembly of the Republic, through its official letter No. 10/12.a-CCCJD/2019, dated January 07, 2019, this Assembly sent its opinion on the content Government Bill No. 153/XIII, which aims to amend the wording of Law No. to combat violence, racism, xenophobia and intolerance in sporting events, providing, among other measures, the legal mechanism for the “fan card”;

3) In the above opinion, this Assembly has expressed its concerns, ideas and convictions regarding proposed legislative measures involving organized groups of supporters, and has made, in a detailed and logical manner, concrete proposals, which have been mostly ignored. , which aims to defend, recognize and guarantee the most basic civil and human rights of supporters, as citizens, specifically in matters relating to the performance of security forces, conditions of access and continuity in sports stadiums and the authorized and safe use of pyrotechnic materials in them;

4) for general information, and despite the fact that its content has already been subject to public consultation with the Council of the Republic since 2019, we send again a copy of the aforementioned opinion, attached to this statement, which we invite everyone, without exception, to read and comment;

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5) As a group, we have published and promoted the online public petition initiated by the Portuguese Association for the Defense of Experts (APDA), which can be consulted through the link pi = PT109466, with a view to re-discussing this matter to the Council of the Republic and thus enabling the repeal required of the legal action to create an ‘Adept’s Card’ and ‘Areas with Special Conditions for
Access to and continuity of experts ”;

6) With relative success, after many months of general boycott of ZCEAP maps by almost all organized groups of national supporters and holding various protest initiatives, we have all managed, in short, to return political parties with parliamentary seats to the house of Portuguese democracy on this topic, to re-analyze it and reconsider it;

7) The parliamentary debate process on this subject culminated, among the many advances, setbacks and the veto, with the approval of Law No.

8) However, due to political pressures of various natures, the abolition of the legal mechanism of the “skill card” constituted only a small part of the action that should have been taken, and it was not to completely repeal the legislation that created the ZCEAPs and the rules on the mandatory access and stay of accepted members of organized groups of supporters who intend, individually and exclusively, to support their club without undue and disproportionate restrictions;

9) In view of what happened, and in view of the legislative change that occurred, its position on this subject was discussed and discussed within this association, with a unanimous decision to maintain its position, along with the position taken and assumed in solidarity with it. by almost all organized supporters’ associations and groups present in Portugal;

10) It happens, quite unexpectedly, given the successive periods of disagreement that occurred in the recent past, on May 28, this federation received an official invitation from Sporting Clube de Portugal and Sporting Clube de Portugal – Fútebol, which prevailed for a face-to-face meeting with the aim of addressing the terms of the conclusion A new protocol between the two parties will enter into force for the 2022/2023 sports season.

11) The aforementioned invitation and the proposal to conclude a protocol followed, in the opinion of this association, constitute the recognition welcomed by both Sporting Clube de Portugal and Sporting Clube de Portugal – Futebol, Sade, of the importance of the support that this association gives to all teams that wear our jersey in any way and conduct exemplary that has guided the performance of our partners in providing this support, which is often acknowledged by our athletes, coaches and other technical staff;

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12) This Assembly has agreed, in good faith, to be present at the aforementioned face-to-face meeting, which took place on the 31st of May, at 11:00 am, at Estádio José Alvalade, with this Assembly being represented in its highest level institutions by the Chairman of the Board and the Chairman of the Board Management of the General Assembly, Sporting Clube de Portugal and Sporting Clube de Portugal – Futebol, SAD represented by the Supporting Liaison Officer;

13) At the aforementioned meeting, which was held in cordiality and in a spirit of mutual cooperation which must be commended, the conditions set by Sporting Clube de Portugal and Sporting Clube de Portugal – Futebol, were presented to this association in order to conclude the above-mentioned protocol;

14) Among these was the obligation under law for this association to change its position on the José Alvalade Stadium seat, and to begin to be stationed within ZCEAP which is currently on the South A seat, along with other groups’ fan organizations;

15) In view of this fact, an extraordinary general meeting of this federation was urgently scheduled, held yesterday and whose purpose was precisely to analyze, discuss and vote on the proposal to sign a protocol presented by the Board of Directors of Sporting Clube de Portugal and the Management of Sporting Clube de Portugal – Futebol, SAD , which will enter into force in the 2022/2023 sports season;

16) At the aforementioned Extraordinary General Meeting, the main points of the proposed protocol presented were presented and discussed, with particular emphasis on the aforementioned commitment of the Federation to change its position on the Jose Alvalade stadium seat, and begin to position itself within the aforementioned ZCEAP;

17) It was a difficult decision for this Assembly, but taken by a large majority in the aforementioned Extraordinary General Assembly, to remain true to its principles, mentality and coherence and to respect the position it had previously taken, of opposing the creation, maintenance and attendance of the ZCEAP, and refusing to sign the protocol proposed by the Council Sporting Club FC and Sporting Club FC Management – Futebol, Sade;

18) This federation decision, which has been officially communicated to Sporting Clube de Portugal and Sporting Clube de Portugal – Futebol, does not constitute SAD, to which we publicly thank for the important step taken towards the normalization of institutional relations with this federation. , that it is clear, any kind of refusal to dialogue, negotiation or association with the above-mentioned institutions and concerned administrative bodies;

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19) This association has had its doors and will always remain open to lay the foundations of understanding and dialogue necessary for a healthy institutional relationship aimed, above all, at strengthening the support and strengthening of Sporting Club de Portugal;

20) This federation has never wanted, wanted, requested or requested any support, be it financial or logistical, to support the teams and athletes representing Sporting Club de Portugal.

21) Likewise, this association has never acted or acted with the intent of harming the financial interests of Sporting Clube de Portugal, having, in the past, always respected its financial obligations, i.e. incurred heavy fines, which it did not. pay.

22) on the contrary, this association only demands respect for it and to have the necessary freedom, within the limits imposed by law and with a sense of responsibility, to provide this support and, in this way, to achieve the essential objective of its establishment and existence;

23) This Assembly will always be available for dialogue and cooperation, on the basis of the presumption of mutual respect, affirming that there is no legislation in force that prevents, limits or penalizes, under penalty of clear unconstitutionality, the establishment of institutional relations and mutual cooperation between private legal entities, within the scope of their legal autonomy and outside The protocol mechanism provided for in Law No. 39/2009, of July 30;

24) There is such respect, will and courage to establish and consolidate the aforementioned institutional relations, and this Association believes that the desired and proclaimed internal union will be closer and closer to reality and form the basis of the Sporting Club of Portugal. Stronger and ready for the struggles and challenges to which we are accustomed to Portuguese sport;

25) With or without this union, which we desire, we will continue on our path, independently and coherently, faithful to our principles, respectful of our history and confident in our path and aim: unconditionally support the Sporting Clube of Portugal;

26) Our motto is our word: Consistency, Honor and Loyalty, this is our mentality! “