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A BOLA - electoral lists already exist (Benfica)

A BOLA – electoral lists already exist (Benfica)

Antonio Perez de Andrade, President of the General Assembly of Benfica (MAG), Fernando Tavares and Jaime Antunes, the outgoing Vice-Chairs of the Club’s Board of Directors, and representatives of the Server or Benfica movement met again yesterday to discuss and draft the latter. The conditions of the document to be defined as an electoral list and which will actually be applied in the next elections, meaning, among other things, that there will be a physical and not electronic voting, as in the last elections.

“If the document is exactly what was identified at the meeting, we will validate it. The Servir o Benfica movement applauds the General Assembly and the Board of Directors for fulfilling those six guiding principles in order to move forward. For us, the Movement, the document must also be ratified in the General Assembly, Where the partners must have the last word. However, for us, it is a good document of the October 9 electoral law and because it is a good document, we will play with it,” he explained to A BOLA Tiago Godinho, of the movement, assuring that Francisco Benítez will go to the polls as head of the poster Benfica service.

The formalization of the electoral regulations so that they can be applied at the next ballot now belongs to the Board of Directors and the Military Prosecutor of the Incarnate, and should be a reality next week, but already today at the Benfica General Assembly due to be held in the Luz Pavilion, it should be of interest Many associate, even if the only point is “the estimate and vote on the management’s report and accounts for the year 2020/2021, as well as the report and opinion of the supervisory body.”

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