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A BOLA - Extraordinary General Assembly on September 17 (Benfica)

A BOLA – Extraordinary General Assembly on September 17 (Benfica)

Benfica announced, on the same day that the elections were scheduled for October 9, the call for an extraordinary general assembly meeting, next Friday, September 17. The General Assembly’s request was delivered by the Servir o Benfica movement, which collected the signatures of members corresponding to the 10,000 votes required and required by the club’s regulations. The main motive of the group of club members is to ensure that the statutes are amended, and to provide for the implementation of the electoral law with physical votes and not just electronic votes.

a call:

“Under the provisions of the Law and the Statutes, members are called to meet in an extraordinary general meeting at the request of a group of members, in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 3 of Article 55 of the Sports Statute. Lisboa e Benfica, on September 17, 2021, begins at 8:30 pm and ends 11:30 p.m., Clube Desportivo do Clube, with the following agenda:

1. discussion and deliberation of the method of voting, electronic or physical, for the deliberations of the second item below;

2 – Discussion and deliberations regarding the formation of an independent committee of partners and the powers granted to:

Conducting a review of the electronic voting system used in the October 28, 2020 elections;

Initiating the process of clarifying how the ballot boxes containing the issued ballot papers are collected, i.e. relations with the companies involved in the process, the terms of their employment, the place of destination and/or deposit of the ballot boxes, their integrity and intangible beads;

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3. Discuss the counting of votes cast at the ballot boxes during the General Election Assembly on October 28, 2020 and how it will be disclosed to Sport Lisbon Benfica partners.

4. Discussion and assessment of the proposed electoral list for Sport Lisbon Benfica elections.

In order to activate the Extraordinary General Assembly, the members who have subscribed to the request must appear thirty minutes before (about 20.00 hours), in order to verify the completion of the constituent quorum stipulated in paragraphs 5 and 6 of Article 55 of the statute.

Participation and exercise of the right to vote in the general meeting shall comply with the requirements set forth in the Law and the Articles of Association, and all those who have been admitted as members up to the date of publication of this notice, even those who have not, shall be permitted to view the work. The right to vote, and all members shall show Membership Card and Citizen Card, and that they have, at least, the quota set for July 2021.