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A BOLA - FC Porto wins the Triple Fest (Basketball)

A BOLA – FC Porto wins the Triple Fest (Basketball)

With a total of 15 hat-tricks, in 32 attempts (46%), he blew up Porto Lusitania by 24 points (80-56) in a match that not only marked the start of the eighth round of the Betclic League, but also predicted. From the position of the two teams that topped the tournament head-to-head, then with 12 points. It ended with a celebration that coach Moncho Lopez celebrated the 500th game (victory 387) of his career with the Whites and the Blues, including his seasons in Proliga, in 13 seasons.

Bases Francisco Amarante (18 points, 4 degrees, 4 ass) and Paul Jorgensen (14) were the hosts serving bowlers, scoring, respectively, 6/8 and 4/7 behind the 6.75-meter line. Jonathan Arledge (11 points, 6 scores) was the only other member of the home team, who in the first half was already 47-29 ahead, to go beyond ten points. This is despite the fact that the benches, including Amarante, contributed 35 points.

In the Azores, which dominated the clash of tables (46-32), a reference to beyond Lulien Dicree (4 accuracy), with 12 points in just 19 minutes on the field due to early, still in the first quarter, after having had problems Fouls, and Jack Conceicao (15 points, 3 accuracy, 3 behind).

The last time the islanders discussed the score balance was at the beginning of the second quarter when they reduced the fault that was 13 (27-14) to just four points (27-23). Then they suffered four consecutive times (40-25), three of them from Amarante. In the last period, they were always at a disadvantage by 20.

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