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A BOLA - Federico Moraes Officially Confirmed at the Olympics (Surf)

A BOLA – Federico Moraes Officially Confirmed at the Olympics (Surf)

Frederico Moraes has officially confirmed his presence at the Tokyo Olympics, despite being eliminated in the fifth round of summaries of the World Surfing Games, which are being held in El Salvador.

“We brought a very strong team to the World Surfing Games, the last chance to qualify for the Olympics, and given the results, we can confirm that Federico Moraes will represent Portugal at the Tokyo Olympics. Now, we also hope that more surfers from this team will qualify and we have every reason to believe that this will happen in the coming days,” said João Aranha, captain of the federation.

Besides Frederico Moraes, Miguel Blanco also missed the fifth round of the playoff. Vasco Ribeiro relegated to second place after not finishing third in Round 4, and is still in the race for one of the five Olympic places available in the men’s competition.

In the women’s competition, Portugal is still in full force, with Teresa Bonfalot and Yolanda Sequera winning qualifiers in the fourth qualifying round, and Carolina Mendes victorious in the fourth round, maintaining their aspirations to advance to one of seven out of seven Olympic spots. Available.

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