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A BOLA - Fenerbahce announces the first Portuguese player in Turkey (women's football)

A BOLA – Fenerbahce announces the first Portuguese player in Turkey (women’s football)

He started in Portugal, followed in the United States, where he completed his academic career, and continued in Italy, Finland – where he made his debut, this season, in the Champions League – and now Turkey. This is the path taken by Mariana Galica, who as of Friday became the first Portuguese to play in the Turkish Women’s Championship, having been announced as a reinforcement of the famous Fenerbahce team.

Being able to get to know a new country, Galica confirms with A BOLA, that he prefers this choice: “I have always learned a lot for all the countries/clubs I have been through, and Fenerbahçe undoubtedly represents another opportunity to continue to grow as a player. It will be another culture to discover and I can’t wait To learn more about the country, but my choice was to focus on my career as a professional.”

The midfielder joins a great player in Turkish football, but only this year she has created women’s football, an opportunity that is impossible to refuse. I had other suggestions, but it was Fenerbahce that caught my attention. It is a new era for women’s football in Turkey and an exciting opportunity for me, as a player, to be able to leave my name associated with one of the biggest Turkish clubs”, she justified.

“Fenerbahce, as the big club, enters with the ambition of winning, and the fact that it was an indisputable proposition as a whole. I believe I am in the right club and success will accompany us in this new era.”

In addition to Fenerbahce, other great players of Turkish football started their journey in women’s football and the conditions, Galica assures, are excellent. “Since I arrived in Istanbul, I have been treated with the utmost respect and professionalism. We have everything a team should have from a big club, and I believe that the project that Fenerbahce is developing will be a reference in Turkey and an example for other clubs. I am very happy and excited for the start of the season “,” continues Creativity, which You will face many opponents from Portugal on the way to the 2023 World Cup – remember that Turkey is part of the Portugal qualifier group.

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