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A BOLA - Film General Sports Association

A BOLA – Film General Sports Association

The new General Assembly of Sporting will be held next Saturday due to the release of reports and accounts for the 2019/2020 and 2020/2021 seasons. The agenda included only two items: the vote on the 2019/2020 and 2020/2021 reports and accounts, both of which will be rejected on September 30. At the end of the evening, it was learned that the partners had approved the two documents with 83.94 percent and 84.5 percent of the vote, respectively.

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11.50 pm: Frederico Varandas was the last to comment, leaving word for partners. Check it out here

23:46: Ruggiero Alves already replied. Check it out here

23:45: It’s official. The accounts were approved with the following results: Check here

22.29 hours: BOLA informs that the accounts have been approved by the partners. Rogerio Alves will announce the results in the next few moments.

7.37 pm: Frederico Varandas leaves the Joao Rocha suite. On his way to the stadium, he sent a reassurance message.

“I’ll talk about the results when I know, eventually. As for membership, it is positive to see that the partners are interested in Sporting. “I am as calm as I have always been,” he told reporters.

7:30 pm: Voting is closed. Remember that members on waiting lists at this time still have the right to vote.

18.31 hours: End of member interventions. Voting will continue until 7.30pm.

18.25 hours. Salgado Zinha, in charge of the financial area, provided some clarifications to the partners.

“In terms of material uncertainty, it is not in the club, but in SAD. Unfortunately, there has always been during the history of SAD, something that we have been catching up with over the years. The only time an auditor has stated that there is a significant risk to the viability of the agency has been in Summer 2018, for the reasons we know. [invasão à Academia de Alcochete]. Yes, it was the worst moment. As for the changed accounts, we came to vote on exactly the same accounts, because we made sure to re-evaluate these accounts and had a new statement from auditors who were confident in their testimony. He concluded that there are no changes, and no re-audit will be necessary.”

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6.02 pm: The last stage begins for members to speak

5:30 pm: New break in the General Assembly meeting. At 6 p.m., the final stage begins, during which members are given the opportunity to speak.

5.20pm: Luis Gestas, former board member Bruno de Carvalho, uses the word: “I am here for my fighting duty at Sporting, out of respect for you and out of respect for the history of this club. Out of respect for this story I would not give any kind of consideration to this board’s work. “Let’s leave out the main criticisms when we discuss the electoral platforms. In a few months we will have elections and then we will discuss projects and people. I will vote for the budget because Sporting accounts should be above all else. The modalities are worth it.”

5:15 p.m.: Felipe Soares Franco, president of Sporting between 2005 and 2009, speaks to reporters while in line. I don’t think the accounts are not approved. Partners recognize the excellent work that President Varandas’ team is doing. “It is necessary to agree to these accounts,” he said, responding to criticism of the current directorate: “I don’t understand, it is something that should be done at the end of the mandate and not before. Moreover, if the accounts are correct, there is no reason not to approval.”

5 p.m.: Mustafa, Leonina’s youth leader, is also ready to exercise the right to vote

17 hours: resume jobs. There are four member requests to speak.

16.32 hours: stop until 5 pm in connection with the interventions. Voting continues.

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4:00 p.m.: Miguel Albuquerque, the former vice president of sports, was at the booth, too.

15:43: Registration up to 16 hours and then the resumption of the General Assembly.

3:42 pm: Ruggiero Alves: “Obviously there are no first, second, or third partners. All people have the same right to dignity and opinion and the right to speak publicly. If clearer proof was needed, this is what happened in this house, where people talk about freedom. I only resort to a good education so that we can listen to each other.”

3:34 p.m.: Ruggiero Alves has answered a few questions.

15:32: Members’ interventions have ended.

3:05 p.m.: Partners will speak again, but only three are registered. Partners who have already spoken have the possibility to speak again.

14:35: Members’ interventions end up to 15 hours and voting continues.

14:07: Partners have the right to speak again.

13:53: Ex-president Dias da Cunha was also in the Joao Rocha booth, after he had a chat with Federico Varandas.

13:40: Ferro Rodrigues is also at João Rocha Pavilion.

13:32: Frederico Varandas, president of Sporting, explained to partners: “Good evening. I came to answer the few questions they asked me directly, as well as those answered by Francisco Zinha. There was an important common denominator to clarify. Today, the number of €20 million in debt owed to the club has been mentioned several times. It is frequent spreading a rumor, a lie, and then people are convinced that lying many times will make it true, but it will never be true. It’s not 20 million euros, it’s 300,000 euros.”

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13:20: Francisco Salgado Zinha (Vice-President of Sporting): “He who votes against him does not vote against this council but against Sporting.”

13:15: Partners’ letters have ended. The trend will now clarify some of the partners’ doubts.

12:54: The handball team also votes.

12:48 a.m.: The soccer department is at the stand for a vote.

13:44: queuing at the entrance to the sports suite.

12:03: There are 12 members registered to speak.

11.49 hours: 20-minute break for members to sign up to speak.

11.42 am: Federico Varandas: “It was one of the best years of Sporting in the sport and the 19-year fast in football is over”

11.35 am: Members will begin voting.

11.33 am: Ruggero Alves opens the General Assembly meetings.

11.01 a.m.: Long queue of members to enter the João Rocha Pavilion, which opens at 11:30 a.m.

Voting closes at 7:30 PM and all regular members at that time are eligible to vote.

The maximum capacity allowed inside the suite is 2116 persons. An alternate circuit will be created, if capacity is reached, allowing members to enter, vote, and leave.

All members of legal age, with their loyalty of at least 12 months, can vote.

Identity card (citizen’s card, driver’s license or passport) and membership card must be presented.

It is mandatory to wear a mask and present a vaccination certificate, recovery certificate or test certificate with a negative result for Covid-19.