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A BOLA - Gil Dias highlights three guys on the show: "They made me a black life" (Benfica)

A BOLA – Gil Dias highlights three guys on the show: “They made me a black life” (Benfica)

Gil Dias spoke for the first time since confirming that he is a booster for Benfica.

“This is a very special day for me. I have dreamed of this since I was young. Finally, this dream came true and I hope to prove my value on the pitch to the fans. I hope everything goes well,” the player said, in an interview with BTV.

The 31 new incarnations were part of the pre-season action from day one. “I got used to it well. I already knew some of the players and the rest of the team didn’t know that I was enjoying meeting them. They received me well and now we are all focused on work. I knew Diogo Gonçalves, because I played with him in Seleção and Krofinovic. They have an impact on the group and it was easy for me.” Adapt,” he said, quickly speaking of the other new members:

“I played against a lot of players in this team. more difficult than them? Rafa, Pizzi, Grimaldo, because I played up front and faced him a few times. It was the opponents who made my life black.”

During the show, Gil Dias was with Rui Costa. «I knew Roy [Costa] from the TV. I played in a club he went to: Fiorentina. Wherever I went, they would say to me: “Ruy Costa, Ruy Costa, Ruy Costa.” Being here, having him shake your hand and wish me good luck is something that makes a lot of sense.”

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