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A BOLA - Hungary is in the crosshairs of FIFA and accuses England of hypocrisy (FIFA)

A BOLA – Hungary is in the crosshairs of FIFA and accuses England of hypocrisy (FIFA)

The International Football Association Board (FIFA) announced Friday that it had opened a disciplinary investigation “into the events” that occurred in Hungary and England the day before, without specifying the incidents that occurred in his sight. Before kick-off, when the English players knelt against racism – in a gesture of support for the movement Black Lives Matter Movement – It was whistling. Sterling was treated to a shower of paper cups as he opened the scoring in the second half.

When Harry Maguire made it 3-0 (the match ended 4-0 for the visitors) a missile was fired into the field. Several journalists quoted cries of monkey imitation directed at Sterling and Bellingham, something that the second confirmed yesterday in an Instagram post. “It is part of the game and will remain so as long as those who have the power don’t deliver the appropriate penalties. We can’t let them win and keep smiling,” he wrote, accompanied by a photo, with a particularly wide grin, as he warmed beside the sideline at Arena Puskás in Budapest.

Without specifying which of these incidents it will investigate, FIFA has hinted that provocations against Sterling and Bellingham are in its sights. “Once again, we reaffirm our position against all forms of racism and violence, as well as any other form of discrimination or abuse. In a statement, he warned of a very clear position of zero tolerance for these hateful behaviors in football.”

However, the organization is under fire for allowing the match to be played in a full stadium after the Hungarian Football Association ordered the European Union to play three matches behind closed doors (one of which was given a two-year suspended prison sentence) for discriminatory behaviour. Their fans at the recent European Championship matches, against Portugal and France, in Budapest, and Germany, in Munich. On this occasion, in addition to some racist cries – William Carvalho was one of the victims – there were also posters and chants against homosexuality. The problem is that this penalty pertains only to UEFA competitions – to extend it to FIFA competitions, there must be a request that each organization says is suitable for the other.

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In a statement, the Hungarian federation defended the “vast majority of the 60,000 fans” who were in Arenas Puskás and warned that “rioters” would be severely punished, with a two-year ban from going to stadiums. In these problems, however, he only referred to the throwing of pyrotechnics and glasses on the playing field, without referring to racist incidents.

Peter Szijjarto, Hungarian Foreign Minister, went further and defended the English whistle as the English players knelt – at least in light of the recent past: “Everyone could have seen, in the Euro final. [em Wembley], How the supporters of the English language acted. We couldn’t even hear the Italian anthem over the whistles, let alone the post-match insults. There is no place for hypocrisy in sports or politics.”