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A BOLA - “I wanted to stay because it was possible to keep making history” (Vizela)

A BOLA – “I wanted to stay because it was possible to keep making history” (Vizela)

Alvaro Pacheco was distinguished by two successive promotions by Vizella and reached the league with the aim of promoting a positive image. A different, direct and creative technician who works on empathy in a holistic way. He makes himself known, frankly, happy with the success of his ideas and eager for his debut in the league.

Two ascents with Vizela, leading the club into the league. This represents an eternal relationship. How would you sum up the flavor of these two seasons?
We still don’t have a clear idea of ​​what we’ve accomplished. We were in the central nervous system and in a couple of years we got to the top. It’s unspeakable, it’s in the club’s history and anyone who’s been part of the track is immortalized in the Vizela family.

– In addition to climbing, can I imagine the additional satisfaction due to the stream of praise that was formed regarding the quality of the game?
– As the team grew in its DNA, in its philosophy, the Vizelense family grew with us, fell in love and became involved with the team. Subsequently, this enthusiasm reached all football fans, who saw Visella as an attractive football. The team grew and expectations increased. The titles set us apart a lot, but I’m very happy with that kind of recognition. It’s good to remember the beautiful football thanks to the athletes.

– Upped and streak of 26 games without losing…
– It was an unpredictable cycle. The team grew early from a negative moment, we learned and thought about what we needed to do to move to other levels of demand. We were able to make that leap and everything happened naturally, we hit the targets, the team was maturing. We had a chassis that gave us all the conditions, and my only concern was training. We had the courage to never give up, this was the behavior I was looking for and with the idea of ​​our game, we made this great series. We were climbing the stairs gradually until we saw the dream come true.

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– The doors of the League opened for Vizella, but there was a quandary in its continuity. Have you thought about other invites or do you really want to be the captain of this team in the league?
– I am in a club that I like very much, and I have a contract with him. Not staying would have to go through some understanding and some projects that I loved. My focus has always been on Vizela, there were ways in and out but if I had a big dream of coaching in the league it wouldn’t make sense not to take advantage of that. I wanted to stay in Portugal, at Visela, because we know it’s possible to continue to make history, as the club went up once and soon went down.

– Confronting adults, experiencing certain environments, are you anxious?

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