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A BOLA - Ibrahimovic criticizes United's 'little mentality' over juice (International)

A BOLA – Ibrahimovic criticizes United’s ‘little mentality’ over juice (International)

Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s diary has been a great source for stories in recent days. the site the athlete He revealed a short story he told in the book “Adrenalina”, since he was at Manchester United (2016-2018), and involving the deduction of money from his salary, he called it the “small mentality” of the English club.

But it is better to explain yourself.

“We went to play outside and we were in the hotel. When I was thirsty I went to the mini fridge and brought a juice. We played and then went home. After some time the payment receipt arrived – I usually don’t open it, I do it at the end of the year just to see what’s coming in and what’s coming out. But this time, I don’t know why, I was just curious. I realized that they took my salary from my salary [ao câmbio de hoje equivale a 1,16 euros]”, the account.

Zlatan then contacted a club official to inquire about withdrawing the money and was told that the mark “-1 pound” corresponded to the juice at the hotel. He asks “Are you kidding, right?”. But the answer is straightforward: “Here, if you order something, you have to pay.”

“I didn’t go to the hotel willingly; I wasn’t on vacation, it was my place of work. I was there for Manchester. If I had to play and I was thirsty, I should drink. I can’t go to the dehydrated camp. (…) Note that this will never happen in Italy.”

“Everyone thinks that United is one of the big clubs, one of the richest and most powerful clubs in the world. From the outside, this is what it looked like. But inside I discovered a narrow mentality”, he closed.

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