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A BOLA – INFO A BOLA: Incident with Hugo Viana in the delegates’ report (Benfica-Sporting)

A BOLA – INFO A BOLA: Incident with Hugo Viana in the delegates’ report (Benfica-Sporting)

The confusion between Sporting’s sporting director, Hugo Viana, and the company responsible for the security of Est√°dio do Sport Lisboa e Benfica, Paulo Magalhaes, appears in the report of the league delegates appointed for the derby match between the Eagles. and two blacks, Paolo Renato and Sergio Ferreira, who scored A BOLA. A delegate noticed the incident and recorded it in the match report, which is now in the hands of the Portuguese Football Federation’s Disciplinary Board (CD).

All this happened at the end of the match, in the access tunnel to the dressing rooms in Luz, next to the area where the quick interviews of the TV channel broadcasting the match take place. Ruben Amorim was preparing to analyze the tie (2-2) when he heard, via a BTV broadcast, that something unusual was happening in that area, such that the Lyonen coach had to wait, with the broadcast moving to the pitch and with pictures of the game that had ended a few minutes earlier. . Once things calmed down, the quick interview took place and even after that, in the press room, Amorim did not clarify the subject: ¬ęThese are things that happen in a tunnel in Derby and the police are there to see what happened, no I will be here to comment and make trouble. It happens, both teams want to win and nothing more.

What happened is that Hugo Viana and Paulo Magalhaes got involved in a Sororo (after an exchange of words between an athlete and someone close to the person in charge of security) which caused some excitement, although it was immediately resolved. But it would suffice for it to appear in the report, which the Conference on Disarmament would appreciate.

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Now, the FPF must follow the usual procedures in these cases: there is already today the possibility of opening an investigation process, which would go to the coaches’ committee of the university. Once witnesses have been heard and all steps have been followed, the intervenors will be able to see the penalties laid down in the applicable law.