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A BOLA - Joao Pereira begins his coaching career at the U-23 team (Sporting).

A BOLA – Joao Pereira begins his coaching career at the U-23 team (Sporting).

Next season, Joao Pereira will join the technical team of Sporting U-23 team led by Felipe Pedro.

“It is a small animal that has grown throughout my football career. This will has been developed and it is a new adventure for which I am motivated,” he began by saying of the former full-back, in statements to the club’s official media, before admitting that he used to be treated as a “master” when he was still a player: “The truth is that some of his teammates, Especially the younger ones, like Max [Luís Maximiano] it’s the [Daniel] Bragança, they used to call me ‘Mr.’ from time to time, so I got used to that a little bit (laughs) ».

Joao Pereira, 37, is facing the new professional stage with enthusiasm.

“I want to build my career in the same way, step by step. Right now I’m a trainee, it’s as if I started in small schools. I’m here to learn from everyone and share my experience. Above all, I want to help with everything that is needed,” he stressed.

“Given the conditions involved in training at the academy, it is our duty to train good players, primarily to be part of the main team,” stressed Joao Pereira, who insisted on leaving a plea to Sporting partners and fans:

– That this union continues around the main team and extends to the formation, especially when the epidemic passes so that they can support the younger ones. It’s important for them to feel that presence and support from the bench to know how to deal with it as well when they make it to the first team.

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