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A BOLA - Laporta blamed La Liga for Messi's loss, Tebas responded (Barcelona)

A BOLA – Laporta blamed La Liga for Messi’s loss, Tebas responded (Barcelona)

Barcelona President Joan Laporta explained this morning the reason for the failure of Lionel Messi’s renewal, attributing the responsibility of not being able to register the Argentine to the league and the salary cap. Laporta said it would be necessary to “mortgage the club’s television rights for 50 years”, but even during the press conference that lasted more than an hour, La Liga president Javier Tebas responded via Twitter and the statement was read. Laporta.

Hello Joan Laporta. You know that the operation with the CVC does not mortgage the rights to Barcelona TV for 50 years. What it does is promote the TV rights of all the clubs and in this way you can mortgage them to the banks and settle your big debts,” he wrote on Twitter, then received a response:

“Hi Javier, all I can say is that we don’t play that way. There have been conversations between the CEOs and whoever is negotiating with the CVC and they gave us satisfactory answers. Working with risks we don’t want to take. They understand the legal wording you’re talking about, they’re brilliant, but what At stake is mortgaging Barcelona’s audiovisual rights for half a century. We can’t. I would also say that the revenue from the CVC operation is much lower than we think it should have for 10 per cent of the league.”

Two days ago, the league announced an agreement with the fund to pump 2.7 billion euros into the competition and clubs in exchange for a 10 percent stake in the league.

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