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A BOLA - Liao wants 15 million euros for Yuvani to close Edwards (Sporting)

A BOLA – Liao wants 15 million euros for Yuvani to close Edwards (Sporting)

There are 15 million euros Sporting intends to fund through the transfer of Jovan Cabral, 23, and a portion of that money is already earmarked and will be used to hire Marcus Edwards, the 22-year-old England winger from Vitoria de Guimarães who will replace Corporal-Verdian.

The player from Guimarães is one of the targets that Ruben Amorim considers priority attacking in the coming season, and at this time, recent market moves point to Jovane as one of the most desirable targets in the current Lions squad, especially in the English market, where he was appointed at Watford, He was recently promoted to the Premier League, having already been linked with Leeds, West Ham and Southampton. Any exit one opens the door to the other.

However, similar to what happened with all the players, the Lyon administration will not give up Giovanni Cabral at any cost, but if they set the bar at the end of the season at 20 million euros, Frederico is now 15 million euros Varandas and his peers are considering accepting the player’s transfer.

Also because this amount will, in fact, be a very important working capital to invest in the team for 2021/2022, knowing that Sporting’s investment will be made with the utmost discretion and will always depend on the sale of players.

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