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Ball - Lucas Verissimo: "We lacked more ball" (UEFA Champions League)

A BOLA – Listens revealed that Lucas Verissimo was close to FC Porto (Benfica)

Lucas Verissimo, a Brazilian central defender hired by Benfica about a year ago, was very close to strengthening FC Porto. In the process of wiretapping the so-called “red card” operation, there are many conversations between businessmen about a possible commission at work, which ended up due to the alleged interference of the son of Pinto da Costa.

“he [Pinto da Costa] It will not pull the rug out from under your child. If you don’t give us mediation, I’ll do it at Benfica,” says Bruno Macedo to Giuliano Bertolucci, in a conversation written by Correo da Manha.

Bruno Macedo was trying to put the then-Santos player at Benfica in October 2020, when Luis Felipe Vieira switched to loaning French midfielder Jean-Clair Todibo instead of signing Lucas Verissimo, who will only be appointed later, in line with the initial desire of Jorge Jesus, coach of the incarnation. at that time.

Backed by Paulo Betumbera, the player’s agent, Bruno Macedo tried to delay negotiations between FC Porto and Santos for Lucas Verissimo, buying time to “compensate” Luis Felipe Vieira. He even told him that “a player cannot lose to Porto in an election campaign.”

«We lose the brokerage commission (…) is [Pinto da Costa] Put this Anna with her son [Alexandre Pinto da Costa] to submit the proposal. They don’t pay and still do. We ask for a million and they ask for 650…”

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