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A BOLA - Management wants AG after bond loan (Benfica)

A BOLA – Management wants AG after bond loan (Benfica)

Luis Filipe Vieira and Benfica’s financiers consider the bond loan, to be launched in July, to be critical to Benfica’s present and future and the pressure put on Rui Pereira, then president of the club’s general assembly, so that the extraordinary general meeting (AGE) took place only after he had The underwriting of the bonds was the last straw that led to the departure of the former minister, who was tired of dealing with internal critics who, in his opinion, did not take the value of Benfica’s laws literally.

About a year ago, Benfica launched a very successful Bond Loan – it started at 35 million euros, but enthusiasm eventually led the financiers to set the target at 50 million euros and eventually the investors reached 69.5 million euros – and to search for a new oxygen balloon, which explains why Domingos Soares de Oliveira, CEO of SAD, already confirms new action soon

The fact that Rui Pereira took the date of July 3 (Saturday, 4 p.m.) at a meeting with the Server or Benfica movement – which was at the genesis of the era where he will discuss, among other things, how the act led to the October elections, which led Vieira to another term Faced with many criticisms of the lack of transparency in the process – to increase pressure on the now-resigned General Assembly leader.

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