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A BOLA - Matthews Nunes remembers his childhood: "My mom doesn't know how I didn't become a thief or a drug dealer" (Sporting)

A BOLA – Matthews Nunes remembers his childhood: “My mom doesn’t know how I didn’t become a thief or a drug dealer” (Sporting)

Matthews Nunes is the protagonist of the last episode of ADN de Leão. In a quiet conversation with Guilherme Geirinhas, the 22-year-old midfielder recalled his difficult childhood.

“I’ve been through so many hardships in my life, I didn’t even have food to eat,” he said, recalling the times he lived in the favela Palmera in Rio de Janeiro. “My mom, even today, says she doesn’t know how he became a thief or a drug dealer,” he said.

The player also recalled moments from the glorious campaign last season, which culminated in achieving the title of National Champion.

A goal for SC Braga: “It is a special goal. After the reception we had at the hotel, I went to that match with confidence. On our way to the stadium, it was raining, and there were a lot of people chanting our names, it was amazing. When I left the stadium, it was the same, I remember getting on the bus and saying to Jovan, who was behind me, ‘Oh my God, if that’s the case, imagine if this game had fans.’ Goal… It’s a second, nothing was planned, I left, looked at it, did it like this, watched it, and done it too, put the ball very well, I didn’t even have to touch it, I just fired. I always used to take responsibility, because I grew up at home without a father, so I always grew up taking responsibility »

Sporting: “I am focused on Sporting. Of course, this year will be one game after another.”

a hero: “The most emotional moment was not when the referee whistled, it was not when we scored the goal, it was 10 minutes after the end of the match, I looked up and saw my mother (…) it was indescribable, the whole movie started in my head, when I was young, the difficulties The one I went through before meeting my stepfather, I had no food to eat, I came home with the soles of my feet all black, my mother yelled, “Don’t touch the sofa.” You first have to believe in your dreams and then have the right people at the right time. If my stepfather had not been there, I would have never come to Portugal, and had I not come, I would never have met my godfather, nor would I have had the opportunities that I had. It’s about having faith, surrounding yourself with the right people and having talent.”

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to choose: «I do not choose, I will go what call me. If they call me for training, I can still change. The document has not yet arrived. In Portugal and Brazil at halftime, I change my shirt قميص [risos]. »

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