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A BOLA - Morelos could arrive at a cheaper rate (FC Porto)

A BOLA – Morelos could arrive at a cheaper rate (FC Porto)

With just over 15 days before the transfer market closes, it is still unknown if Porto will attack the market in search of at least one left-back and one attacking player, the latter to quell Mariga’s departure. Whoever wanted to fill Mali’s place was Rangers’ Alfredo Morelos, who, despite scoring a goal in the second leg of the Champions League qualifying round three against the Swedes in Malmö, was unable to prevent Rangers from being eliminated from the competition. Encouraged by his departure from the Scotland emblem, especially since during the summer season he was giving clear signals that he intended to go elsewhere.

That scenario now seems more viable, and Rangers himself, who has always spoken out against the Colombian, may have to change his mind and, sure enough, ask for a lower price than he realized he wanted to let him leave. Buffalo’.

The Scots have long sought an amount of at least 15 million euros, a value considered high by Blue and White officials, who tried to seduce the athlete with the fact that he would be able to play in the group stage of the Champions. 2021/2022 and also at a higher salary than in Scotland.

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