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A BOLA - Mourinho and the situation in Portugal: «I am worried» (Euro

A BOLA – Mourinho and the situation in Portugal: «I am worried» (Euro

Jose Mourinho assumes he is concerned about Portugal’s position at Euro 2020, and has predicted major difficulties in Wednesday’s match against France.

“For me, France is still the favorites to win Europe. A bad result against Hungary in a stadium full of Budapest has not changed that. But I am worried about Portugal. We can win or draw tomorrow, but France has more strength and yes, I am worried,” the coach said in an opinion piece. It was published by the British newspaper The Sun If Portugal loses and ends with only three points, we have to take out the calculators.

Jose Mourinho also spoke about last Saturday’s match against Germany: “In Portugal, everyone blames Nelson Semedo for Portugal’s loss against Germany, because the goals came from his side, but the situation would have remained the same with the right-back. It was not Semedo’s fault, but the position that put in it.”

Speaking of the other teams, besides England of course, the Portuguese coach noted: “Germany impressed me against Portugal and they didn’t play badly against France. It might surprise you because you had a really bad qualifier, although it’s no surprise at the high level. Italy is confident and happy, they are a team they respect and fear, and Belgium is very solid. Spain is in a difficult situation. Two home games, two points. They couldn’t beat Sweden and Poland, they dominated the matches but it wasn’t easy to score. They will face Slovakia next time and I think they will qualify with five points.”