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A BOLA - Mourinho promises Roma victory and asks for 'gifts' (Roma)

A BOLA – Mourinho promises Roma victory and asks for ‘gifts’ (Roma)

Jose Mourinho arrived in Rome on Friday and wasted no time in giving his first interview to the club’s official channels. The Portuguese coach has a great incentive to return to Italy and assures that he will build Roma in the spirit of victory.

“I am very excited about Roma. I was like that when I had the first conversation with the management and Thiago Pinto, I had great feelings. I felt a lot of sympathy and wanted to come here right away. I felt that this is not a project of Mourinho, or Thiago Pinto or Friedkin (the angel), it’s Project Roma. Of course I know the facts, last season we were 29 points behind first and 16 points from fourth. I signed a three-year contract and this is a permanent project. I hope, of course, that success will come while I’m here, “he began by saying that he was a better coach than I did. It was when he left Inter Milan in 2010.

“I have improved a lot, honestly. I am a better coach because experience is very important. After Italy I went to Spain and fulfilled my dream of winning in Italy, Spain and England. In Tottenham, I had the experience of taking the team to the final and not playing, i.e. I learned a lot of positive moments and also One of the lowest quality moments.

On strengthening the squad, a topic that has caused a lot of ink to flow, Mourinho was clear. “I hope to get some gifts, I will be very happy and will be an excellent helper for me. I am looking forward to meeting the players, who will only get a pre-season dropper.”

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