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A BOLA - Only one coach was better than Robin Amorim in the 14th round (Sporting)

A BOLA – Only one coach was better than Robin Amorim in the 14th round (Sporting)

And it was the coach himself who confirmed during this season, and several times, that his sports team, Sporting, in 2021/2022, is stronger than last season, when he gave the fans the utmost joy by winning the national title. And the coach’s conviction is based on the numbers he presents in the tournament, as he continues to challenge history. After 14 runs, Sporting currently has the second best record in its history, with 38 points.

To find a better record, it will be necessary to go back 75 years, to the time of 1946/47, when the lion led by Robert Kelly got 39 points, as a result of 13 victories in the first 14 rounds of the championship. It should be noted that at that time the victory was worth only two points, but to assess the legality of accounting it was necessary to standardize the victory so that its value was three points).

Furthermore, to bolster Ruben Amorim’s conviction, it is necessary to remember that Sporting now have more points than they did in the previous season. In Round 14 of 2020/2021, the Amorim Lion has 36 points with a score of 11 wins and 3 draws; He currently has 38 points with only 12 wins and two draws.

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