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A BOLA - "Our pass through SC Braga was great" (SC Braga)

A BOLA – “Our pass through SC Braga was great” (SC Braga)

SC Braga will face Santa Clara on Saturday afternoon (18:00), in the fourth round match of the Portuguese Cup. The match is of particular importance due to the fact that the defense of the cup that was won last season is at stake and to overcome the defeat in Luz, for the league.

We can’t change anything about the past, but we can try to control our present and our future. Our time at SC Braga was great,” Carlos Carvalhal noted, in the match preview against the Azores.

“When I spoke to the president, he introduced me to the project guidelines: try to win, play well, value assets, create a good Europa League, try to win titles and bet on training. In a quick analysis, we were in the finals, we won titles, nine kids have already appeared, We sold the assets, trained and continued to play great football, and we are number one in Europe…”, the Arsenal coach confirmed.

“On this great road it is normal for us to have one or two accidents, as happened in Leicester and now: we lost and we lost well. Bayern, for example, lost 5-0 to Moenchengladbach a few weeks ago and some see it as the best team in the world. Our full commitment to everything that was asked of us and perhaps adding something else…».

Regarding the duel with Santa Clara, coach Minho faces only one possibility: victory.

“Above all, I have to talk about our position. We are very excited to win and to move forward. Nuno Campos caught the train in progress. It is normal to make a lot of changes and it is difficult to understand eleven of them and their dynamics, but we are ready for several scenarios “,” confirmed Carlos Carvalhal.

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