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A BOLA - Paulo Sousa in danger after loss to Hungary (Poland)

A BOLA – Paulo Sousa in danger after loss to Hungary (Poland)

Paulo Sousa does not live an easy life in Poland. according to sportsThe Portuguese coach was severely criticized by President Cesare Colisa for his defeat against Hungary (1-2), in the last round of Group A qualifying for the 2022 World Cup, and he has a place in danger.

The dispute revolves around the fact that Paulo Sousa took the rest of the important players (Lewandowski at the helm), assuming England would not lose at San Marino (Won 10-0), and as such, Poland could not break out of second place in that they were and would have to Always for a playoff match.

However, defeat to the Hungarians poses greater difficulties for the Poles on their way to the 2022 World Cup. With 14 points, Paulo Sousa’s side have lost their place as a seed in the semi-finals of the play-off and now have a chance to face a theoretically stronger team (Portugal is one of the chances). A scenario that could have been avoided by a draw (15 points and +8 goal difference was enough to beat Sweden and Wales).

Faced with this situation, Cesare Colisa is seriously considering the resignation of Paulo Sousa and is already considering a new successor. Stanislav Cherchesov, the former coach of the Russian national team, is considered the strongest opportunity.

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