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A BOLA - Pinto da Costa is crucial: "They must resign or be expelled" (FC Porto)

A BOLA – Pinto da Costa is crucial: “They must resign or be expelled” (FC Porto)

The president of FC Porto has reinforced his criticism of the government after the lack of fans in stadiums, regarding the holding of the Champions League final in Estádio do Dragão.

“Holding the Champions League final in Estádio do Dragão can only fill Porto fans with pride. Not because of any particular fascination regarding a clearly so important game – fortunately, the Whites and the Blues used to rock their squad in the big matches – but because the club once again, in collaboration with UEFA and the Portuguese Football Federation, has shown superior organizational skills. This is also nothing new, nor should it be. I remember, in the context of the pandemic that we are beginning to beat, the wonderful way the Porto elections were organized a year ago or the game they called a beta test against Olympiacos for the Champions League in October. On these two occasions, things went well. On May 29, the same thing happened. However, it appears that the Portuguese government does not know or trust the ability of the national clubs to regulate. For an international game, even that was held in Portugal, more than 14 thousand fans were allowed in the stands. If the dispute is a Portuguese League or Portuguese Cup match, the stadium will be empty. It is true that there will be no shortage of alternatives for our supporters. If they wanted, they could go by the thousands to the Super Bock Pavilion for concerts. If they live in Lisbon, they can go to the bullring to take part in comedy shows. In other words, they could even take part in events with crowds of people, as long as they were taking place in enclosed spaces and in much lower conditions than stadiums ”, read in the editorial of the latest issue of Dragões magazine.

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Finally, Pinto da Costa says: “If anyone had any explanation, I would be grateful if they would send it to me, because no one understands this difference in standards and this persecution of football. If there are no explanations, as I have said publicly, there is no alternative for those responsible for it.” : They have to resign or be fired. And if their superiors do not have the competence or the courage to do so, they also have no other way out than to give up their duties. The habit of feeling guilty when not marrying is one of the main reasons for Portugal’s backwardness in many areas.”