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A BOLA - Porto scores 18 hat-tricks in victory over Lusitania (Basketball)

A BOLA – Porto scores 18 hat-tricks in victory over Lusitania (Basketball)

With Michael Fink (22 points, 4 scores, 2 ass) and Max Landis (18) hitting 40 points and 12 of 18 triples (!) the team, in 42 attempts, crushed FC Porto’s Lusitania by 93-64 (30-18, 14- 14, 28-13, 21-19), in the match of the tenth round of the Betclic League, which returns the North to second place in the league table, as Benfica remains undefeated in the lead, and raises expectations for the Sporting match, scheduled for Sunday, in Pavelhau Joao Rocha .

The tour in which O’Farense, who beat Oliverense 85-83, continues to show that perhaps they will have to rely on the club for the various final stages that will still be played throughout the season, as did Beauvois, once again, to confirm it. The home factor visit Immortal (67-60) and Essegira beat Sangalhos with a score of 74-61.

At the Dragão Arena, with Landis converting four of his three-point shots immediately, on five attempts, in the first quarter, and the rest of the team scoring like many others, the 0-4 advantage was the only advantage the hosts allowed the Islanders. the meeting.

Since then, even with the performance, above all, the effectiveness and clarity of the two sets fell sharply in the second period, and the only doubt that persisted was how long the group of Terceira Island would resist, which, despite Derek’s efforts Jackson did not show (16 points, 3 ass), Dean Jew (13 points, 6½) and Daniel Relvau, never being able to cause any upset.

Despite the fight given by Relvão, mainly in the beginning, (12 points, 8 points, 2 ass) under the boards, reality showed that after 6.75m a lot was decided.

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To make matters worse, in the third period, the blue and white went back to their primary offensive moves to free the pitcher, and scored five more goals. Three of them in a row quickly drilled the hole at the mark for 27 (67-40).

Miguel María Cardoso (12 points, 2 minutes, 7 marks), Francisco Amarante (9 points, 2 ass, 4 marks) and João Guerrero (8 points, 9 marks) will also help, with 8.07 meters remaining, in a hat-trick by Vlad Foiceo ( 3 points, 2 ass, 2 res) if the difference reaches a maximum of 36 points (82-46) before the locals come back, understandably, to break a bit in the efficiency of how they attack the basket.