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A BOLA - Portugal scores in the 150th game of the Jorge Braz era (futsal)

A BOLA – Portugal scores in the 150th game of the Jorge Braz era (futsal)

After the defeat against Uzbekistan (1-3), the day before, Portugal returned to the winning ways, this Sunday, crushing Costa Rica (5-0), in a special match for coach Jorge Braz: the 150th in the training of the corner team. . The president of the French Football Federation, Fernando Gomez, was present at Pavelhau Cidade de Viseu and handed over a shirt indicating 150 matches to the coach.

“I didn’t know the number, I already realized that there are 150 games and 95 wins that need to be shortened [risos]. It’s a great pride, it was a very pleasant surprise, but we want more and by improving this percentage I am definitely helping to improve Portuguese futsal. That’s what matters,” Jorge Braz told the FPF website.

Jorge Braz made his national coach debut on September 23, 2003, in the first two preparatory matches against Azerbaijan (Portuguese win, 2-1), but only as of July 2006 became part of the national technical team. Orlando Duarte. In July 2010, he took on the role of national coach and made his debut on October 17, 2010, in a match at the Sixth Grand Prix of Futsal, in Annapolis (Brazil), against (2-0). Since then, Braz has led the team to the finals of four European Championships: Croatia-2012 (Quarter-finals), Belgium-2014 (4th place), Serbia-2016 (Quarter-finals) and Slovenia-2018 (Champions). The coach also qualified the Portuguese national team for the final stages of the Thailand 2012 (Quarter-finals), Colombia 2016 (4th place) and Lithuania 2021 »in 2018, 2019 and 2020.

And as far as the match is concerned, it was the fifth in preparation for the World Cup Lithuania 2021, between September 12 and October 3, in front of Costa Rica, the CONCACAF champions, and Portugal took the lead after five minutes, through Andre Coelho, followed by him. Goals Bruno Coelho (13), Poletta (16), Afonso (25) and Thiago Brito (38).

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The national team will focus again next Tuesday, in Viseu, on a double confrontation with its Paraguayan counterpart scheduled for September 3 and 5, in addition to two matches in preparation for the World Cup.