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A BOLA - Portugal win Spain (4-2) (futsal)

A BOLA – Portugal win Spain (4-2) (futsal)

game over!

50′: The child tries to aim, for an empty target next to him.

49 ‘: Raul Campos on top.

49 ‘: Chinese end, defending the child to sing it.

48 ‘: Joao Matos shot him for his part.

48′: Chino hits the bar!

48′: Portuguese goal: PANY VARELA!!!!

Spain starts with 5×4, with Adri Martinez as the attacking goalkeeper

The second part of extra time begins.

field exchange.

45′: Bruno Coelho blocks Adri Martinez’s shot.

44′: Chino’s shot in the side.

43 ‘: Portugal’s goal: an own goal by a flag!!

Regent of Portugal was recovered.

The child is helped.

42 ‘: A great defense of the child at auction by José Raya.

42 ‘: Raul Gomez shoots.

There are five minutes in each bit of overtime.

41 ‘Adolfo Fernandez shot above.

41 ‘: sprouts panni varilla.

The first part of extra time has begun.

Final whistle. The game goes into overtime.

An inappropriate end to the heart, with the ball not leaving the Portugal area; The ball to the left post of Portugal in the last second.

time out to Spain. 10 seconds left.

time out to Portugal. There are 56 seconds to go.

39 ‘: Ricardinho with Herrero cleaning the ground for the defense.

39 ‘: Free shipping from Chino, next door.

39 ‘Yellow card for Andre Coelho. Five accumulated errors for Portugal.

38 ‘Yellow card for coach Jorge Braz.

37 ‘: Eric Mendonca to force Herrero to submit.

37′: Bunny Varela to the position!!!

36′: Portugal’s goal: Zeke’s score!!

36′: Eric Mendonca’s shot, wide.

Portugal does not lack support. The fans are pushing towards the team.

33 ‘Yellow card for Pani Varela.

33 ‘: Chinese ending, he defends the child with his feet.

Everything remains the same: 1-2.

The judging team analyzes a presentation by Ricardinho and Adolfo Hernandez.

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31 ‘: Portugal’s goal: Andre Coelho from the middle of the street!!!

31´: Adolfo Fernandez hit hard, and the ball came close to the left post.

The last ten minutes of the match have been completed.

29´Adolfo Fernandez shot above.

28 ‘: Great opportunity for Portugal: Zeke’s shots, Herrero defends forward, and Miguel Angelo, on rebounds, is also unable to nullify the goalkeeper.

Spain is satisfied with the result, and Portugal does not manage to improve its style of play.

25 ‘: sprouts panni varilla.

25 ‘: Ricardinho takes the free kick, the ball hits Joao Matos in the head.

25 ‘Yellow card for Miguel Melado.

Portugal did not start well in the second half.

24′: Miguel Angelo called the side stitch.

23′: Spain’s goal: Adrien Martinez from a free kick.

Tomás Paçó enters Portugal.

22‘: Riccardinho’s shot, to the side.

22′: Goal from Spain: Adolfo Fernandez.

21′: Ball to Portugal centre.

20′: begins the second part.

Rest in Vilnius Arena. Nothingness remains.

19´: Vitor Hugo came to the defense: Adri Martinez shot, wide.

19‘: Yellow card for the child. He left the area and missed it. Spain will benefit from a free kick from a distance of 10 metres.

19‘: Bruno Coelho’s shot (tried mince again), but Herrero stopped.

We have entered the last minute of Part One.

18‘: Pepe went out safely from the goal, heading, after Raul Campos’ shot.

17′: Serious Bullet by Eric Mendonca.

17′Yellow card to Jose Raya, throw-in delayed.

16´: Five accumulated errors for Spain.

15th: Screenshot by Eric Mendonca, with Herero Vigil.

14′: the intervention of another child.

13′Herrero dodges the Spanish goal after Miguel Angelo’s shot.

time out to Portugal. Jorge Praz asks the team to adapt to the circumstances of the five fouls.

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13′A great save by Pepe for Borja’s shot.

12‘: Yellow card to Bruno Coelho.

12′: Miguel Angelo Portugal shot close to the goal.

11′: Riccardinho’s superb pass, Joao Matos, at the far post, failed to score, and Herrero did well in the crossover.

Afonso Jesus and Miguel Angelo entered Portugal.

10′: Five accumulated errors for Portugal.

9′: Bruno Coelho tried ground beef with his left foot, but it turned out poorly.

9′: Riccardinho’s long shot to the side.

8′: A dangerous free kick for Spain: Solved by the Portuguese defense.

8′: Ricardinho shot, Herrero corner.

7′: Superb tackle from Pepe and Chino.

Zeke joined the Portugal team.

6′: Chino’s shot against Andre Coelho.

6′: Miguel Melado threatens Pepe’s goal.

Jorge Braz shot at Pany Varela, André Coelho, Tiago Brito and Erick Mendonça.

Portugal entered the game well, fun and not afraid of possession.

2′: Bruno Coelho was close to kicking off the score, and finished the match in a good way, a little above the top.

2′Portugal’s defensive inattention, and Adolfo Fernandez missed the goal.

1′: Bruno Coelho, a dangerous shot at the far post, was saved by Jesus Herrero.

1 ‘ : The game has begun. out of Spain with the ball.

and portuguese It reverberates in the Vilnius Pavilion.

The anthem of Spain is heard.

Now it’s Portugal’s turn to enter. There are many Portuguese flags waving on the stands.

Players are called one by one. Enter Spain first.
The referee team is already on the field.

Shortly before the start of the match. Follow all the proceedings of the meeting here.

The first five are already known

Spain: Jesus Herrero, Carlos Ortiz, Adolfo Fernandez, Adri Martinez and Raul Campos.

Substitutes: Borja Diaz, Marc Tola, Raul Gomez, Francisco Solano, Pepe, Chino, Guangzhou, Jose Raya, Miguel Melado.

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Portugal: Pepe, Fabio Cecilio, Bruno Coelho, Joao Matos and Ricardinho.

Subs: Thomas Paco, Afonso Souza, Zeke, Eric Mendonca, Pani Varela, Thiago Brito, Miguel Castro and Vitor Hugo.

Andre Sousa and Polita on the bench.

Referee: Mohamed Hassan (Egypt) and Khaled Hanish (Morocco).
Third official: Ondrej Cerny (Czech Republic)
Timekeeper: Tomohiro Kozaki (Japan)

Substitutes: Borja Diaz, Marc Tola, Raul Gomez, Francisco Solano, Pepe, Chino, Guangzhou, Jose Raya, Miguel Melado.

The national team discusses reaching the semi-finals of the World Cup 2021 Lithuania against Spain, in the Arena in Vilnius, at 3:30 pm, where the winner of this Iberian duel will face the winner from Iran and Kazakhstan.

It should be noted that in 29 meetings with our brothersCuenas won only twice, on September 27, 2005, 3-2, in a preparatory match, in Spain, and on February 10, 2018, 3-2, in a European match, in Slovenia. Otherwise, there were four draws and 23 defeats. However, the idea that the difference between the two teams is more murky is shared by the coach.

Three aspects, three distinct ideas: the difference has vanished because we have come to another level, without a doubt; Spain is no longer weak – it remains for the national teams [mais organizada], if not the most organized in the world, obviously; The past doesn’t matter at all, the moment matters – there was already a moment when I mentioned it and we realized it. If we can balance and get closer, then what matters, from now on, are the toys that were made – toys 15 or 20 years ago are not so important at all”, Jorge Braz justifies.

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