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A BOLA - Redeemable for Besiktas (Sporting)

A BOLA – Redeemable for Besiktas (Sporting)

From fear to hope, from worst-case scenarios to a short-term future with more positive odds. Pedro Boro was injured in the Portuguese Cup third round match against Belenenses on Friday, which left fans, players, coaches and the stopped Spanish right-back in tears. .

After the first hit and pictures showing a serious injury to Pedro Boro, the player himself, after the end of the match, left a message of calm on social media, and the Clinical Department of Sporting indicated a sprained right ankle.

Yesterday morning, on his return to work at the Academy, Borough went to Alcochete for a new reassessment, and the diagnosis of an ankle sprain was confirmed, but only painful, that is, without any of the three degrees of severity associated with the sprain that would always lead to a recovery period of at least two weeks. .

So Pedro Porro confined himself to treating the affected area, and this morning he will repeat his presence at the Lions Medical Department for another session.

According to data compiled by A BOLA, there is a very strong possibility that Pedro Borro will continue today, early in the afternoon, with the rest of Lyon’s entourage towards Turkey, where they face Sporting Besiktas on Tuesday.

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