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A BOLA - Ruben Amorim expects Braga harder than in the Super Cup (Sporting)

A BOLA – Ruben Amorim expects Braga harder than in the Super Cup (Sporting)

Two weeks after the Super Cup duel, with Sporting winning 2-1, the Lions face Braga again, now in the second round of the tournament. Ruben Amorim expects more difficulties than she faced in the match that was held last July 31 in Aveiro.

“We expect a very difficult match, even more difficult than in the Super Cup. In the same way we have pictures of that match and we can make a more accurate assessment, the SC Braga coach can do that too”, began the Lions coach, who immediately highlights the value of The opponent: “They have more players available, like Piazón and Fábio Martins, but we want to win the match and continue on this winning path. It’s a very important match, early in the season, but we like this type of match.”

Sporting have won their last four matches against Braga. “Every game has its story. We’ve all topped it off, there were more top level matches, there were moments where SC Braga was better, but it doesn’t matter. He pointed out that what happened now and what we want is to win the next stage.”

Before the match, there was already controversy over the ticket price for Sporting fans, who may have to pay €93 to watch the match in Braga. “It is more news to bring excitement to the game, which is always a good thing. Our focus is on winning and playing an excellent game”, reinforced the coach.