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A BOLA - Rui Pinto talks about the 'strange connections' of the former FC Porto manager (Football)

A BOLA – Rui Pinto talks about the ‘strange connections’ of the former FC Porto manager (Football)

Computer hacker Roy Pinto used his Twitter account to talk about “strange contacts” of a former FC Porto manager and current SAD president at Sanjoanense, Urgel Martins.

Here we publish the series “Tweets”

Urgell Martins was, between 2011 and 2021, the Executive Director of Football at FC Porto. A figure unknown to the general public, but a very important figure in Portista’s skeleton. From player signings to funding, everything went through him.”

“One year after the rise of Orgell Martins, FC Porto and RAMP – Management Group International, from Hong Kong, signed a contract that was tasked with directing players to FC Porto from countries such as Ghana, Congo, South Africa, Zambia and Nigeria. . “

RAMP (with strong links to SECA), represented by Graham Heydorn and Edmund Chu, was responsible, in the following years, for the arrival of several African players who populated the U-19 team B and FC Porto, such as Mikel Agu, Chidera, Chidozie, from among others”.

“Because of this partnership, also embodied in player transfer brokerage services, Graham Heydorn and Edmund Chu received hundreds of thousands of euros, something that was already analyzed in 2016 in the #FootballLeaks project.”

“In December 2017, the Executive Director of Football in Porto, Urgell Martins, established a company in the city of Porto, along with Graham Heydorn, Realaspect LDA. The purpose of that company is to buy and sell real estate and provide services.”

In April 2018, upon a capital increase, Graham Heydorn transferred his shares to 10 Management Limited. A Maltese company was established in January 2018, and linked up with another company of the same name in Macau. Both are chaired specifically by Graham Heydorn.”

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«10 Management Limited, like the above-mentioned RAMP, is dedicated to the management and promotion of footballers, and in recent years has implemented various mediation services in the transfer of players in Portugal, including FCPorto»

“Strange links, which merit a deeper analysis that may be within the reach of the judicial authorities.”

“Last October, Orgel Martins was appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors of SAD of Sanjoanense. But this matter will be brought up for another time, in the second part of this investigation.”