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A BOLA - SC Braga and P. Ferreira without art to score (League Cup)

A BOLA – SC Braga and P. Ferreira without art to score (League Cup)

In the second round match of Group C of the League Cup, in quarryNeither SC Braga nor Paços de Ferreira had the art to make the nets swing.

In a tepid first-half match, SC Braga had some upswing, as Galen embodied the desire to score, but it was just a desire, because the nets practically did not sway. Paços de Ferreira, perhaps due to the lack of routines between the players, given the many changes in the eleven (only Maracás resisted compared to the first team that faced Arouca in the league), rarely bothered Tiago Sá.

The second half was more controversial, but had a unique feel, as the Braga team were looking for the goal until the last breath of the match, as exemplified by the insistence of Ricardo Horta, as Jorge Silva was almost making a goal. Goal. The heavy rain I felt made the terrain heavier and players ended up being accused of getting dressed.

Boavista leads Group C with three points, followed by SC Braga and P Ferreira, both with one point. In the third round, Boavista receives SC Braga (December 15). Given this scenario, Paços de Ferreira is already far from the last four, While Arsenal players need to beat Besa to qualify, chess players only need a draw.

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