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A BOLA - Scottie Pippen Arasa Michael Jordan (NBA)

A BOLA – Scottie Pippen Arasa Michael Jordan (NBA)

In “Unguarded,” the upcoming memoir, Scottie Pippen criticizes the “Last Dance” series and how his former bandmate Michael Jordan has put himself at the center of all the stories.

Released in April 2020, ‘Last Dance’ tells the story of six Chicago Bulls titles through the eyes of Michael Jordan.

Although Jordan is always the protagonist in every episode, the script explored the paths of Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, and even coach Phil Jackson.

However, for Pippen, none of this was enough, because according to the understanding of the former player, currently 56, Michael Jordan agreed to perform “The Last Dance” simply “to show the current generation that he is the best of all time”.

Scottie Pippen’s reviews come in “Unguarded,” which comes out November 9.

According to some excerpts already published by GQ magazine, the former Chicago Bulls player was upset and disappointed with the way Jordan told the story and put himself at the center of the narrative.

“Every episode glorifies Michael Jordan without just and honestly remembering neither my participation nor that of my fellow proud members. And Michael is a big part of the blame for that. The producers gave him editorial control over the final product, so he couldn’t have come out any other way. He was the protagonist and director”, He begins to defend Pepin.

“Michael was determined to show the current generation that he was the absolute best. Even better than LeBron James, a player that many consider not only his equal, but even better than him. Michael presented his story, not the story of ‘The Last Dance,'” he adds.

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Scottie Pippen further reveals that he was really surprised when he saw the latest installment of the series.

“I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Time and time again, the focus of attention came to the number 23. Even in the second episode, which focused on the hardships I went through to get into the NBA, the narrative came back to MJ and her determination to win. I was nothing more than a supplement. He called me “my best teammate ever.” Even if I tried, I couldn’t be more condescending, I’d also be able to read.