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A BOLA - «Wendell is not coming to play in my backyard, he is not at FC Sérgio Conceição» (FC Porto)

A BOLA – Sérgio Conceição and “The Magnificent Grass” (League)

This is the analysis of the coach of FC Porto, in the area of ​​​​quick interviews, after the draw in Madeira against Maritimo.

“We played, overall, a very qualified match. The first crushing part on our part, not letting Maritimo come close to our own. With the quality in the rotation of the ball, in reaction to the loss, we created positions to go to win the first half by two or three. Not wanting to apologize, this pitch is incredible. Obviously, whoever defends has the advantage, because he just has to get the ball. We have to find space, a way to reach the goal. Whoever defends this point makes life easier.

A team with a pitch like this doesn’t want to put on a good show.

What was missing? If we define it better, and this definition, it also relates to the state of the lawn, the way in which we easily lose our balance. We played a good match. The team performed well, and the situation was good. In the second half we lacked what we had in the first: more ball. A harsh result compared to what we produce”, he justified.

“Markan? It gave good indications. We’ve been working on this for several weeks now. I thought it was the right time, and congratulations are in order.”

On the final tender in the Maritimo region: “I haven’t seen the tender yet. What seemed to me to arouse some suspicion and if there is any doubt, at least, should be examined for touch. For me, from the bank, it seemed to me. Francisco was saying the same thing,” he concluded.

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