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A BOLA - Sérgio Conceição sees four candidates with one candidate (FC Porto)

A BOLA – Sérgio Conceição sees four candidates with one candidate (FC Porto)

Sergio Conceicao considers there are four candidates vying for the title, but puts Sporting as the favourite.

“I see four candidates in the same way. Sports are the favorites because they were champions and we have to do our work to regain the title, but there are four candidates who can fight for the championship “,” said the FC Porto coach, who was speaking on the eve of the tournament, against Belenenses SAD, the opponent with whom the Dragons finish. past era.

“I feel that the team did well before the season and we are ready to face the difficulties of the tournament, starting with this match against Belenenses SAD,” he said, noting the opponent’s good defensive organization, but also “strong and fast forward, sides that stand out well in the front and three mediums that fill in the blanks.” Very well “.

The fact that Sérgio Conceição practically maintains the team base from last season is a positive for the coach, who, however, did not fail to mention: “We have to surprise the players with different things, to improve what they already know. The basis is the same, but it becomes more difficult because it has to We have to give more things to the team so that everyone thinks alike. Even those who stayed home because they weren’t called up.”

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