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A BOLA - Sporting beat Hofukubo and tied in the quarter-finals (futsal)

A BOLA – Sporting beat Hofukubo and tied in the quarter-finals (futsal)

Sporting left no credit for anyone else and crushed Dutch Hofukubo 8-2 in the second round of Group B in the elite round of the Champions League and is just a draw from the passage to the quarter-finals, in the match next Sunday, at 7 pm, against the Russians from Yekaterinburg.

From an early age, the Lions began to achieve victory, as Altenio scored two goals in the first minute of the match. Thus, a mantra was set for what would become the development of the game, with lions translating their supremacy into goals. Until the break, Zicky Té (6′ and 20′), Cardinal (7′) and Cavinato (12′ and 15′) enjoyed the match on foot. Al-Sharawi (13 d) and al-Zahiri (15 d) were reduced to the Dutch.

The second half was played at a slower pace, and it was clear that he managed to get the score, as Nuno Dias put a rest for Jetta and threw Bernardo Paco and Gonzalo Portugal in the goal, and also cemented the debut of the 17-year-old Bruno Mayor.

Cavenato (22 minutes) signed a hat-trick to crown an eye-opening display: he hit the post (4′) and made four assists for a goal.

Remember the game movie below:

game over.

38′: Bruno Mayor’s shot to save State.

37′: A foul by El-Sharraoui (Hofukubo) on the Cardinal earned him a yellow card.

30 minutes: The Cardinal approaches the goal, with a state defense.

Nuno Dias is promoting the appearance of 17-year-old Bruno Mayor.

25′: Pauleta tried to cross quickly, but Stitt cashed the ball with a slap.

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23′: Buyuzan (Hofukubo) shot to test Guitta’s (good) reflexes.

21 ‘: Sports goal (8-2): Cavenato with a first shot at the far post from Merlin’s pass.

21′: Joao Matos, outside the area, for Stet to defend with his feet.

The second part has begun.


20′: Sports goal (7-2): Zeke T, directly on the first-half crawler, after a pass from Cavanato.

20 ‘: El Sherawy’s shot for an excellent save from Jetta.

Sporting plays close to the Netherlands goal and gives goalkeeper State some goosebumps.

15 minutes: Hofukubo’s goal (6-2): Al Dhahiri managed to beat Jetta after a decisive pass from El-Baqali.

14′: Sports goal (6-1): Cavennato, left foot, after a side throw in by Captain Joao Matos.

13′: Merlin’s shot to save State.

13′: El Sharraoui fouled Merlin, a yellow card for Hofukubo.

13′: Hofukubo goal (5-1): El-Sharawy passed the ball between Geta’s legs.

12′: Sports goal (5-0): Cavennato, crossed, after an excellent table with Altino.

11′: Saint-Just (Hofukubo) shot wide.

11′: The goalkeeper Guitta goes out to play and shoots at the opponent’s goal from his width.

7′: Sporting goal (4-0): Cardinal, at the far post, after a free kick by Caffinato.

6′: Sports goal (3-0): Zeke T, after a Cayo Ruiz shot replayed.

The Dutch reorganized themselves and were able to relieve the offensive pressure from the Lions.

4′: Cavanato hits the right post.

Sporting entered with full force, in a match in which they will have to win by four goals to stay at the top of Group B.

2′: Sports goal (2-0): Altenio leaned against the post and had to stand up after another pass from Caffinato.

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1 ‘: Sporting goal (1-0): Altino, first, on the edge of the area, passing through Cavenato.

The game started. Sporting match kicks off.

The teams are already on the field.

Check out the first five.

Sporting: Guitta. Joao Matos, Altino, Cavenato and Alex Merlem.

Hofukubo: Stet; Attahiri, Velseboer, Charraoui e Mossaoui.

Substitutes: Goncalo Portugal, Bernardo Paco, Zeke T, Cardinal, Poletta, Miguel Angelo, Cayo Ruiz and Bruno Mayor.

Suplentes do Hovocubo: Habets, Mellah, St Juste, Amghar, Aklalouch, Bouyouzan e El Bakkali.

Belgium’s Stefan Freijns and Hungary’s Gabor Kovacs are the match officials.

Sporting, the European champion, achieved this afternoon, the second round of Group B of the Elite Tour, at Joao Rocha Pavilion, in Lisbon, against Dutch club Hofukubo, after beating the Croats the day before. 1. Russians from Yekaterinburg are also part of this group.

Follow all the events of the game here.