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A BOLA - Sporting wins the French champion (4-3) in the Champions League (futsal)

A BOLA – Sporting wins the French champion (4-3) in the Champions League (futsal)

Sporting went on to win in defense of the Futsal Champions League. In the second group match of the main stage of the champions, the national and European champions defeated the ACCS, the French champion – Ricardinho did not play – with a score of 4-3. High difficulty game, where black meets bald, ACCS goalkeeper, the main opponent.

However, Sporting started at his best, with Eric Mendonca scoring in the second minute. But the French champions responded immediately with a somewhat embarrassing goal attributed to Massar. Nuno Dias’ team’s dominance has been consistent and scoring opportunities are consistent. This position took Cavenato’s second goal, but it was Careca who postponed Leonen’s advantage. Fantastic performance by the Brazilian ACCS goalkeeper.

In the second part, the rhythm of the match was preserved, but the ACCS transfers became more dangerous. Toure made it 2-1 on the counterattack, but Sporting knew how to react. Cavenato equalized from the penalty spot. The match entered a pause-and-response phase, with Toure once again putting ACCS in front, tying Sporting to goalkeeper Guitta’s attack.

Alex Merlem, near the end, made the final 4-3 with a superb goal. ACCS played the last 45 seconds in 5×4, but Sporting defended the advantage.

Lions enter court again this Thursday, with Atyrau.

Game movie:

40 minutes: The match ends. Sporting won 4-3.

39 min: Technical break for ACCS. There are 45 seconds left in the game.

38th minute: Modine’s long cross shot.

36 minutes: Sports goal. 4-3 by Alex Merlin. Wing receives, flies inside and shoots hard, bald can not defend.

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34 min: Bolinha Tomás Paço takes out of his way, shoots the ball over Guitta, but Miguel Ângelo crosses the goal line.

33 minutes: Sports goal. 3-3, by Guitta. Guitta advances with the ball quickly, teams up with Caio Ruiz, Careca saves the first shot and Guitta scores on the rebound.

31 min: ACCS goal. 2-3, by Tori. Together with Bolinha, he shoots with his left foot between Guitta’s legs.

30 minutes: Sports goal. 2-2 by Cavanato. Powerful left-footed shot.

29 minutes: A hand in the ACCS area. Penalty for Sporting.

29 min: ACCS goal. 1-2, by Tori. Guitta misses the cut near the midfield, Toure passes the goalkeeper and shoots into the empty net.

27 min: Great solo action by Tomás Paçô, a low left-footed shot to save Careca.

25 min: Sporting transfer, three against two, Cayo Ruiz’s shot for Carica’s new defence!

22 minutes: The ACCS, with a line-up between Rodrigoinho and Paulinha, responded with Rodrigoinho’s shot straight into the Jetta.

22 min: Guitta advances on the field, kicks his foot and defends from Careca.

21 min: Merlin’s powerful shot to save a bald man.

The second part begins.

Rest in Slovenia. tie at Sporting, 1-ACCS; 1.

19th minute: A powerful shot from Altino, and again Karika’s defense.

18 min: Sporting hits four fouls, two of them almost straight.

17 min: A powerful shot by Cayo Ruiz with the right foot, another stop by Careca.

14 min: ACCS responds, with a Mesrar shot to defend Guitta.

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Minute 14: Once again Cavenato, he shoots at the goal, it seems that the ball hit Zeke and does not enter. Sports presses.

13 minutes: A powerful shot from Cavanato, Karika saves, and Zeke is unable to reload over the goal line.

12 minutes: ACCS shooting at Al Qaim! Muhammad’s shot, Geeta catches the ball.

10 minutes: Bald scores twice against Sporting. First to Cavanato, then to Thomas Paco.

9 minutes: a yellow card for Mohamed.

8 min: Confused play in the ACCS zone, Pani Varela shoots alone, but against Karika.

7 minutes: Toure’s first shot and the ball into the side net.

5 minutes: A powerful shot from Cayo Ruiz outside.

4 minutes: My grocer misses Gita alone.

2 minutes: ACCS goal. 1-1 for Serraar. Long kick from Masrar and hit Guetta badly.

Two minutes: Sports goal. 1-0 by Eric Mendonca. Powerful right-footed shot

16.33: start of the match.

The first five:

Sporting: Guitta, Erick Mendonça, João Matos, Cavinato and Alex Merlim.

On the bench: Bernardo Paco, Thiago Macedo, Thomas Paco, Zeke, Altino, Pani Varela, Cayo Ruiz and Miguel Angelo.

ACCS: Careca, El Mesrar, Lutin, Mouhoudine, Mohammed.

On the bench: Diagoraga, Murillo Duarte da Silva, Bolinha, Abal, Bacali, Ngala, Toure, Alla, Rodrigo Galvão