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A BOLA - Support wave for Esgaio (Sporting)

A BOLA – Support wave for Esgaio (Sporting)

Ricardo Esgayo was the main target of criticism from Sporting fans who, even before the end of the match with SC Braga (3-3), invaded the social media of the right-back.

In addition to the criticism, it was the insults posted even in selfies that prompted the defender to deactivate his account on Instagram, and later also on Facebook, the social network where Núcleo do Sporting da Nazaré, Ricardo’s hometown, yesterday. Esgaio, join the wave of support for the athlete.

“We are with you! In good times and bad, we know that no one wants everything to go well more than you. Like Mr. [Rúben] Amorim, we believe in you. We support all our athletes at all times, in victories, defeats and draws. The strength of Ricardo Esgayo, keep working and believing! Sports fans of Nazaré and the Núcleo Sporting Club de Portugal da Nazaré are with you,” Núcleo wrote.

In addition to Núcleo, Ugarte also responded to criticism of Esgaio on the social network Twitter. “How easy it is to criticize without showing your face. How easy it is to hide behind an anonymous account. At least have the courage and use your account,” wrote the Uruguayan midfielder, and even Thiago Thomas, who is now in Stuttgart, replied to the episode: “2022 and they still think that This is the way.”

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