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A BOLA - Suspended from position, sporting director responds to allegations of sexual harassment (women's football)

A BOLA – Suspended from position, sporting director responds to allegations of sexual harassment (women’s football)

Samuel Costa, who was suspended from the position of sporting director of women’s soccer in Famalicao, after allegations of sexual harassment, responded on Sunday to the accusations. He asserted through a statement that he had not done anything “unlawful or incorrect,” referring to an “unspeakable attack” against his honor.

Here is the statement in full:

“In the past days and hours, I have seen countless comments, information, considerations and reports in the media, raising suspicion and accusations involving an unspeakable attack on my honor, my professional career and personal considerations.

What lay behind this behavior was, and still is, an attempt to tarnish my image as a human being and attack my professional activity. Therefore, based on this news based on lies and inaccuracies, I will act at the right time, and in the right place, until there is nothing left to explain.

In my life I have always been a staunch defender of freedom of the press, which is a sub-element of freedom of expression, under the terms of Article 38 of the Portuguese Republic’s Constitution, and institutional guarantee as a fundamental element of democracy. Placing the pluralistic state system in this way, the task of the public interest that it must carry out is highlighted.

However, the principle of the presumption of innocence contained in the right to human dignity and honor can never be compromised. So did the rest.

I hereby confirm that I have full confidence in the justice of men, and will co-operate with it, as it is my duty, and I am fully confident, as I have done nothing unlawful or unrighteous, that I will be wholly acquitted of this lawsuit.

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I will fight quietly, but with all my strength, conviction and determination to clarify the truth of the facts, cooperate with justice and restore the principles that have always guided my personal and professional life.”