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A BOLA - The court reveals the reasons for supporting the deportation of Djokovic (tennis)

A BOLA – The court reveals the reasons for supporting the deportation of Djokovic (tennis)

The three Australian Federal Court judges, Thursday, published their reasons for supporting Novak Djokovic’s extradition, which took place last Sunday after 10 days of backtracking and backtracking.

The court considers that the Immigration Minister, Alex Hawke, acted within his powers to revoke the tennis player’s visa, because Djokovic is a celebrity against vaccinations – he is not vaccinated against Covid-19 – and could “negatively affect Australians”. Under immigration law he would only have to decide whether the tennis player’s presence “could present a risk to the health, safety or good order of the Australian community”.

The judges acknowledge there were irregularities in the case, but the main reason was also concern about the growth of the anti-vaccine movement.

Djokovic’s lawyers argued exactly this point in court, saying that it would not be possible to measure the “threat degree” and that the tennis player had not done or said anything against vaccinations since he arrived in the country.

James Olsop, Anthony Pisanko and David Ocalajan unanimously agreed that the Serbian player’s stance on Covid-19 – he admitted that he gave an interview and was at public events in Belgrade after receiving a positive test, for example – “can directly affect people against vaccines but also Those who have doubts about vaccinations”, despite the fact that about 90 percent of the population in the country has been vaccinated.

“The potential impact (of Djokovic on these insecure people) comes from common sense and experience. An icon in the tennis world can influence people of all ages, young and old, but perhaps especially on the young and vulnerable, who wish to emulate him. This is not a guess, And it does not need proof,” they say in the judgment.

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They added: “Given the public interest, we believe that unvaccinated people pose a greater risk of spreading and spreading Covid-19, than vaccinated people, which could saturate the health system.”

The court appears to have accepted the justification for the medical exemption offered upon entry into the country, a positive test on December 16.

“While we accept that Djokovic’s recent Covid-19 infection carries a low risk of infection and therefore poses little risk to those around him, his presence in Australia, given his well-known stance on vaccination, creates a risk for the growth of anti-drugs. It is a minority of the Australian population,” they insist.

Nova Djokovic arrived in Australia on the fifth day and was arrested after his visa was not approved; He was released after an appeal in court and was able to start training for the Australian Open. Last Friday the visa was canceled again and then booked again. The case returned to court, with the tennis player losing the appeal, having left the country a few hours later, on Sunday.

The world’s number one sports future is on the agenda after France approved a vaccination permit requiring all athletes to want to participate in competitions in the country to be vaccinated – removing him from the upcoming Grand Slam, Roland Garros.