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A BOLA - The sensational message from Sérgio Conceição to Reinaldo Teles (FC Porto)

A BOLA – The sensational message from Sérgio Conceição to Reinaldo Teles (FC Porto)

On Friday evening, missed the O Gaiense party, Porto coach Sergio Conceicao sent a touching message to remember Reynaldo Teles, the historic Porto coach who died in November of last year.
This is the video message sent:

“It was necessary for me to send a short video, to say about my grief at not being able to be there, but with a very clear, simple, direct and emotional message for someone who was one of the most important people in my life. Life, in my training as a man, as a player and then as a coach […]He was a very friendly person, always present, with a history of nicknames along with our boss filling us all with pride and happiness. As someone who was the one who might have surprised me the most in this world of football, not just me, I think it was unanimous, even with all the rivalry that exists, sometimes in a way exacerbated in Portugal, Mister Reynaldo was unanimous in what was the positive thinking that people had about him. […]“I have great affection for him. He is alive in my memories, in my heart and in my family, whom he also knew and was always happy to greet her with his very docile style. There are unforgettable moments that we share a lot, not only in competition but abroad. I wanted to send a very big arm to your whole family. Senhor Reynaldo physically went to another level, if that was possible, because he was always at a level of distinction, and today he will definitely be very happy wherever he is, and I think he is in a place more beautiful than us. Be. “

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