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A BOLA - “Tiago Martins was not very happy with Sporting” (Sporting)

A BOLA – “Tiago Martins was not very happy with Sporting” (Sporting)

Sporting’s director of communications, Miguel Braga, took the space to comment on Lions TV to leave some criticism of referee Tiago Martins. The dispute revolves around the referee for Sporting’s victory over Gil Vicente (3-0).

“What we have to point out about Thiago Martins’ refereeing is that Joao Pinheiro did very well. This is one of those games where the importance of having a good VAR is unanimous. He appreciated this new figure in football and behaved very well, doing an excellent job in refereeing ”, he began by saying.

The Liu leader also spoke of Joao Pedro Araujo, Sporting’s doctor, being fired while watching Manuel Ugarte, in a move that led to a penalty in favor of the Lions.

“I had access to something that was written in the sentencing report about the dismissal of our doctor, Dr. Joao Pedro Araujo. She would have seen the red card for irresponsible behaviour, that is, she stopped providing assistance to the injured player and addressed the Gil Vicente goalkeeper in a provocative and aggressive tone, but what was said was not noticeable, due to the noise in the stadium. That is, the referee dismissed the doctor without listening to what he said but indicated the tone of what was said even for more disguise. I was keen to review the photos and what you see is Dr. Joao Pedro Araujo watches Ugarte and Thiago Martins approach him to kick him out. There must have been such aggression in his eyes that he must have been fired. also remember that when dr. Joao Pedro Araujo was sent off and there was no penalty for anyone. It’s neither a crime nor a reason for punishment, but I think Thiago Martins was not happy with Sporting. It doesn’t say anything, but check something that can be seen with some nature. He concluded that perhaps it is the very aggressive hairstyles that give this yellowness a boost.”

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