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A BOLA - Two Candidates for Elections (Academia)

A BOLA – Two Candidates for Elections (Academia)

Miguel Ribeiro and Pedro Roxo are the two candidates for the Academia presidency for the June 4 elections.

The two lists were delivered at the end of Friday, after the deadline stipulated in the meeting notice prepared by the Board of Directors of the General Assembly.

In the case of Miguel Ribeiro, who heads List C, who has the designation «Académica com futuro», he is also a well-known name in the academic world, since he was Director General of Training at Briosa between 2012 and 2016, when José Eduardo Simويسes headed the students.

Speaking to A BOLA, the 51-year-old attorney explains his reasons for his nomination. “We will try to restore Académica, and work to stabilize it, so that the club can restore sporting success. Basically, go back to the path of your history. Liga 3 is not, at all, the place of Académica. We take up this challenge in the spirit of true mission, so that it is an academic with a future. This Reality is not in keeping with the academic dimension. And if we remember that, today, precisely, we celebrate 10 years since we won the Portuguese Cup, the current situation is very worrying. We want to create the conditions for Academia to fill all its members and supporters with pride,” he said.

It should also be noted that in this C list, Fernando Barrata Alves is the candidate for President of the Board of Directors of the General Meeting, Antonio Brito is running for the Supervisory Board and Luis Neves is the first on the Academic Board.

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Regarding Pedro Roxo, it is the re-election of the current president who, remember, has been in office since 2017. Now, even after the club’s relegation to Liga 3, the student captain does not abandon ship and introduces a new one. Perspective: The entry of a group of investors, presented at the end of this season, which promises to be the basis for the final change of the company’s model, from SDUQ to SAD, which logically needs the approval of shareholders in the assembly. The General Assembly was held for this purpose.

Pedro Roxo presents himself on the D List, bearing the slogan “Académica com vida”, and at the time of his re-election, A BOLA assumed what he intended to do in the new state, in the event that he was the suffrage winner. “We have a responsibility, in front of Academia and its members, to defend our project and to restructure the club once and for all. We assume the moment isn’t a positive, but we’re here to be part of the solution. He concluded by saying that the question of any change in the company model will always depend on colleagues, and we will continue to inform partners of this project of ours.”

From List D, and as nominees for the remaining governing bodies, João Paulo Pinto Mendes is running for membership in the General Meeting Board of Directors, Pedro Peão for the Supervisory Board, with Horacio Antunes being first on the Academic Board.